What Casino Card Game Has The Best Odds?

Games of chance are among the most thrilling ones. The constant tension and uncertainty fuel something really integral to the fun of any game. However, it can feel bad to play games with really bad odds, as playing these usually results in a lot of frustrating losses that feel unfair. That’s why we’ll be covering the casino card games with the best odds below.

What affects the odds?


Casinos exist to provide us with quick access to all the varied games with cards and chips the world has to offer. All of these vary in their appeal, some because of the rules of the game and some because of the chance of winning. After all, we would like to still draw a few winning hands while partaking in these games.

The changes between games are mostly those of rules. Both rules of the game and those of the casino can affect our chances of winning. The ones in the game will usually be the most important, but it’s possible for the house to establish a better edge of winning too.

Three card poker


A player against the house style of game, Three Card Poker offers some similarities to regular poker while also having its own quirks.

Each hand starts with three cards being dealt to both involved parties. Player gets theirs face-up while those of the dealer are face-down. With the hand you have, you can either play or fold. Playing leads to you paying the initial bet while folding just continues to reveal cards.

Playing will also reveal cards, with dealers turning over all of the cards they got. If the dealer doesn’t have at least queen-high, you win the money and continue. The edge of this game is around 3,3 for the house, which isn’t the best but offers a decent start.

Casino War


Casino War offers an okay edge of 2.8. A round of Casino War starts with a bet and then with the Player and dealer getting one hand from a six-deck shoe. This means that quite a few cards are in play, but the objective is quite simple.

To win in Casino War, you need to draw a higher card than the dealer. In a game of Casino War, deuce is the lowest, and ace is the highest card. Winning leads to you getting even cash from the bet, and loss has you forfeit the bet.

Of course, there’s another option, draw. If you draw with the dealer, you have the option to activate the War mode of the game. It doubles the original bet and allows you to give up further into the War to only lose half.

The edge is tied to players going to War, as this increases the chances for players to lose two bets at once. The simplicity does make it an okay game in odds and plays. It’s also one of the more widespread simple games with a lot of casinos, be they offline or online like DRAGON TIGER.



Now for something more high-stakes. Baccarat is a game that will last longer than the previous few and offer better chances of winning big. The game of Baccarat involves hands between the players and the Banker each round. The goal of the game is to get as close to nine points within the ruleset of the game.

Players can choose who to bet on too. Both Player and Banker being viable options. When the bets are put down, both get two cards. With those hands, the game can finally start. With the rules of Baccarat, tens and face cards are worth zero points, aces one, and the remaining numbered cards equal their value in numbers.

Now, you’ll notice that this can quickly lead to hands with point values far above 9. Rather than using Blackjack rules where the side above the point cap loses, Baccarat simply removes the first digit of the number. So, 12 points would become 2 points, 15 would become 5, and so on.

However, if either Player or Banker gets a total of eight or nine points, they have what’s called “natural”. This immediately resolves the game in favor of the person who got it. Otherwise, the Player takes another card. However, if the Player reaches six or seven, they have to abstain from drawing more, otherwise, they can draw up to a total of five cards.

Only when the Player stops their draws will the Banker start doing theirs. For a banker, the limits for draws include not drawing after getting six or seven as well as drawing another card on five or fewer.

When the cards and values are calculated, you get the final score. When all details are taken into consideration, we get a 1.06 edge on Player bets and 1.24 on Banker bets.



Suppose you want a highly probable game for winning. Blackjack odds are the place to go. Blackjack odds strives to provide a decently handy chance of winning with some effort being put in. if you have a grasp of the general strategy of this game, you should have an easy time.

Responding appropriately to the cards the dealer shows off is the best way to get great results. It’s even easier to iron out this strategy by checking out the basic strategies of Blackjack odds online, or even printing them out. These aren’t forbidden in most casinos, so you could even bring the sheets in.

Blackjack is dead simple. Everybody at the table aims to reach 21 or the number closest to it to win. If you go over, you lose. While players start with two cards, they can ask the dealer to give out another. The aim of these dealings is to get closer to 21. When the hands are laid down, the one who has gotten closest to the number wins. Winning even bets.

The usual edge for this game is 0.5, which means you won’t lose more than half a penny for each investment. There are ways to slightly improve it but even at those odds, you’ll have quite a lot of a great time.