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10 Best Multivitamin for Men UK 2024 – Best Nutritive Supplements

Multivitamin is an excellent choice to satisfy any leftover nutritional necessities, especially for men. Although it is possible to get all the essential nutrients you require daily from meals, not everyone has a balanced diet that provides the necessary sustenance.

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When this is the case, the need for a multivitamin is an excellent choice that will suit your needs and boost your immunity. Some studies have even pondered on whether multivitamins can actually prevent cancer.

Needless to say, multivitamin offers various benefits for men since their nutritional needs rise with age. There are numerous choices you can opt for on the British market, so we have put together a list of the best multivitamins for men to help you narrow down the search for the one that will suit you best.

List of Best Multivitamins for Men in UK

1. NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Men


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This Naturelo’s multivitamin uses all-natural ingredients exclusively. It is rich in A, B, C, D, E, and K vitamins and does not contain gluten, soy, gelatin, dairy, egg, or caffeine. It is full of organic fruit and vegetables that will grant you all the necessary nutrients for your daily routines.

Enriched in high-quality supplements, this product will boost your immune system and provide you with healthy sustenance. There are two packs available in the store, and the multivitamin comes in capsules that are absorbed much faster than the ones in tablet form.

You can open these capsules to add them to your food for even faster absorption and effect. Naturelo Whole Food multivitamin will not cause you any harm unless you have certain types of allergies, so make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you use it.

Using these vitamins will mark notable changes for better in your energy levels and general well-being. For best results, make sure to take four capsules daily – two in the morning after breakfast and two in the afternoon.

2. Seven Seas Perfect7 Man Plus Multivitamins

seven seas

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This multivitamin from the Seven Seas store grants you benefits for energy, muscle, heart, brain, bones, vision, and metabolism. It is excellent for men that lead busy lifestyles and ensure that they get enough nutrients throughout the day.

This product grants you a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 nutrients. With age, men require more vitamins and sustenance, and this multivitamin is designed especially for these needs.

Perfect7 multivitamin contains fish, sulfur dioxide, and sulfites, so in case you have some allergy problems, make sure to read the manufacturer’s label for extra safety.

The product will reduce anxiety and boost both your physical and mental health. You will be able to see the benefits in just a couple of weeks of use. It will boost your flexibility, all-around health and spurt the growth of nails and hair.

3. WeightWorld Multivitamins and Minerals 365


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WeightWorld’s multivitamin provides you with 27 important vitamins per tablet for immune system boosting and overall health. There is a total of 365 tablets per pack, and you should take one per day for the best effect.

It is an all-natural supplement and contains vitamin A, vitamins B6, B12, C, and many more. This multivitamin is excellent for people with busy schedules who cannot get a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables through their regular meals.

To get the best result out of Multivitamins and Minerals 365, you should take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal at the same time. This vitamin mixture offers you various benefits for hair, skin, nails, bones, and teeth.

It also largely helps you maintain normal vision and cognitive functions. Your energy levels will go up, and your tiredness and fatigue will drastically reduce. Also, the tablets are not large and are very easy to swallow.

4. Inessa Multivitamin with CoQ10 100mg


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Inessa advanced multivitamin is an excellent nutritional supplement rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K with the full spectrum of B complex vitamins. The pack contains 60 tablets that are free of gluten, dairy, artificial colors, and favors, and the product is registered by the vegan society.

It is a top-notch choice for optimal daily nutrition and fills all the gaps in your diet. The product contains 25 beneficial nutrients, and you should take one tablet daily with a meal to ensure the best possible effect.

This multivitamin contains 100 mg CoQ10 and the essential macular carotenoid lutein. It absorbs fairly quickly, and all of the premium quality ingredients are mixed in a way to be in their most absorbable forms. Excellent for men and women of all ages.

5. Nutravita Men’s Multivitamins and Minerals


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Nutravita’s multivitamin for men contains 25 beneficial vitamins and minerals, including Maca Root and Panax Ginseng. The product comes in the form of 180 vegan tablets that contain vitamins and minerals necessary for your daily routine and overall health.

This multivitamin offers you various benefits such as normal muscle function, normal bones and teeth, fatigue and tiredness reduction, and also largely contributes to normal fertility and maintenance of the immune system.

It is recommended to take one tablet daily with a meal and preferably at the same time to get the best effect out of the product. The most important thing is to avoid exceeding the dose and to read the manufacturer’s manual to avoid any inconvenience.

The product is vegan friendly, does not contain GMO ingredients and synthetic binders or fillers. Excellent for immune system boosting and overall healthier and happier life.

6. Centrum Men Multivitamin & Mineral Tablets


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Centrum multivitamin for man contains 24 important nutrients that largely benefit your immune system, muscle, and cognitive functions. The product comes in the form of 60 easy-to-swallow tablets that include 13 essential vitamins for your health.

This multivitamin contains high-quality micronutrients that cover your nutritional needs and contributes to your general well-being. It helps release energy from food and supports the normal functioning of your immunity.

With micronutrients in this multivitamin, your cell health and growth get drastically improved. You will feel less tired and much more energetic throughout your daily routines after only a couple of weeks of consumption. The product also reduces body ache and improves sleep time, essential for overall health.

7. High Strength Chewable Multivitamin Gummies

high strength chewable vitamins

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Chewable multivitamins offer you the same benefits as regular tablets or capsule ones. These come in packs of 120 chewable units with 14 important vitamins, minerals, and supplements necessary for your daily functions.

Gummies are vegetarian and largely contribute to your overall health. They boost the immune system, and vitamin D improves the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin C reduces the oxidation stress, reduces tiredness and fatigue and enhances your energy levels.

The product is free of gluten and contains exceptional natural ingredients. Gummies have a delicious strawberry taste, and you should take two per day to get the best possible effect of the product.

Rich in all essential vitamins, High Strength multivitamin supports an active and healthy lifestyle. Excellent choice if you do not want to swallow capsules and tablets.

8. Bulk Complete Multivitamin Complex Tablets


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Bulk is one of the leading sports nutrition brands. Coming from their store, this multivitamin complex provides you with 90 tablets with 30+ active ingredients that contribute to your overall health and strengthen your immune system.

This multivitamin contains black pepper, grape seed, and green seed extracts alongside Zinc, vitamins D3 and E. The product is excellent for anyone that seeks vitamin and mineral supplements. It is an exceptional choice for people that lead active lives.

You should take three tablets daily for the best effect, preferably with a meal. The tablets will provide you with normal metabolism, high energy levels, and amino acid synthesis while complementing your diet for the best possible nutrition.

9. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Supplements for Men


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This fine blend of multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals comes from the Optimum Nutrition store and offers you an excellent nutrition boost in 180 tablets. This product has 38 beneficial ingredients, including vitamin C and magnesium, to boost extra energy.

Tablets are easy to swallow and highly potent in vitamins and minerals necessary for your overall health. The product is specially designed to support nutritive needs for every active man.

You should take three tablets daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the fast and healthy effect. It will complement your diet and fill all the gaps you have in it. The product reduces fatigue and tiredness while improving your cognitive and muscle functions.

10. Garden of Life Mykind Organics, Men’s Once Daily, Whole Food Multivitamin

mykind organics

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Coming from the Garden of Life store, this multivitamin for men pack contains 60 vegan tablets rich in 15 vitamins and minerals necessary for quality nutrition and overall health and well-being. It is made from nutritious and organic whole foods and has excellent prostate support since it contains selenium.

The product is rich in vitamin B, which largely benefits your energy levels and heart health. It also contains the D3 vitamins from lichen. It is a vegan product and contains no gluten, GMO, or synthetic binders or fillers.

Being rich in all essential vitamins, this multivitamin promotes cell growth and improves the health of your skin, hair, and nails. It is highly absorbable and aids your digestive system by converting food into energy. The product fills the gaps in your nutrition and mixes excellently with your diet.

Buying Guide

vitamins and minerals for men

Multivitamins have many different ingredients, so it is important to do quality research before spending any money. There are many things to take into consideration before this purchase, so we have put together a list of guidelines you should follow to get the best possible product.

Type of ingredients

Multivitamins provide you with a variety of ingredients, so it is important to check the product’s label before the purchase. For example, if you require more vitamin D, you should look for the multivitamin that is designed to cover its deficiency. The best way to approach this is to consult with your medical and pharmaceutical experts.


Dosing multivitamins is of the essence. These products contain high levels of different supplements, and it is important to get them right to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. Always check how many units you should consume daily by reading the manufacturer’s label to get the right nutritive value of it since overuse can cause different health issues.


Multivitamins come in different forms, such as capsules, tablets, powder, or gummy form. Picking between these comes to your personal preferences since there is no difference between them in nutritional and health value.

Most Important Nutrients

To get the right dosage and right nutrients in your multivitamin, it is best to consult your healthcare provider first. However, most multivitamins have balanced formulas and cover most of the important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Look for a multivitamin that contains calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin B6, and magnesium since they are some of the most important supplements.


Multivitamins vary in nutrition and vitamins but so do their prices. The bigger the ingredient list and their value are, the more expensive the pack is.

Type of ingredients also largely contributes to price, so before buying, make sure that your funds can support the purchase. Luckily, there are high-quality options that are also budget-friendly, so make sure to do thorough research.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are multivitamins important?

Multivitamins are important because their well-balanced formulas of vitamins and minerals form excellent supplements for your daily nutritive needs. They help your body perform important daily tasks with more energy and properly functioning bodily systems.

Which nutrients are necessary for men?

Although men should look to get their fair share of all vitamins and minerals, they should specifically focus on magnesium, vitamin D, potassium, and iron, since they tend to have lower levels of these particular nutrients.

Which vitamins are important for older men?

When picking multivitamins for older men, it is important to focus on vitamins that can enhance their bone strength, make them sleep easier, and have a beneficial effect on blood and nerve health.

Go for vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and zinc since they can benefit you in every way we listed above.

Do multivitamins work?

Absolutely, but everybody is different and so are their nutritive needs. Taking multivitamins grants you additional nutrients that you do not manage to consume while eating your regular meals. Consult your healthcare provider to get the right dosage and ensure that the multivitamin works properly.

When should I take the multivitamin during the day?

The best period of the day to take your multivitamin is during meals. It is because some vitamins get absorbed better if they are consumed alongside fats. Also, taking a multivitamin with a meal reduces the chances of nausea and any stomach ache.

Final Words

Although you can get the right amount of nutrients with a balanced diet, we often fail to manage it. Multivitamins are an excellent product that keeps us healthy and energetic in those situations and provides us with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Being the necessity they are, multivitamins need to be picked carefully and thoroughly researched. We hope our list will help you to close down on the best choice in the United Kingdom and grant you healthy and energetic daily routines.

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