Useful Tips To Rent A Car With No Deposit In Crete

Going on a road trip to explore Crete is the perfect thing you can do. But renting a car is better before you reach your destination. This island is an attractive tourist spot, and every year, many individuals come here to tour this Greek island.

You may be visiting this place for the first time, but you will have fun if you rent a car and drive it around the island. Instead of using public transportation, you can have your vehicle to go anywhere you desire. To learn more about this place, you must determine various tips to save money or avoid scams.

Many online booking platforms are available for local people and tourists, but only some sites are reputable enough to provide your vehicle as per your terms. You must explore online websites to book and rent a suitable car for your road trip. You must go through all the crucial tips mentioned in this write-up and get ready to drive a rented vehicle in Crete.

1.  Know All the Requirements for Car Renting


Before you book any vehicle, you must determine all the requirements to rent and drive a vehicle in Crete. An individual age must be above 21 years so that you have a driving license, and rental companies provide vehicles to experienced people. If you are underage, you need to pay the premium.

It is easy for a European citizen to get a car, but if you belong to another country, you must show IDP. It is a necessary permit to drive a car through international borders. You need to apply for this permit in the same country where you own the license by filling out a simple application form and giving the test.

2.  Look for No Deposit Online Vehicle Booking Platforms

You can book a vehicle in advance without going anywhere by visiting online platforms. When you finally reach the destination, you can confirm your booking and get the vehicle you mentioned in the form. Many companies have no deposit policy, meaning you do not need to deposit any money for booking.

You can pay cash when you get a car in a new place. There is no requirement to use a credit card and follow refund policies. It is crucial to check whether the website you are operating must be genuine and whether there is no risk of scams. If you are looking for such a platform, it is better to visit

3.  Consider Collecting and Drop-off Spots


When you land in Crete and have already booked a vehicle through an online website, you must know where to collect the car. You must fill out all the forms and clear formalities, and get a permit to take the vehicle. It is better to avoid taking a car from the airport as it can be expensive.

Instead, you can get a cab or cheap shuttle to enter the city and get a rented vehicle from a reputable company. When you collect the rented vehicle, you should also know the drop-off location where you can collect all your documents and receive the return amount.

4.  Inspecting Your Vehicle

Before you confirm to rent any car in Crete, you must always inspect the car and check whether it is working well. You can take a test drive to check the rental car’s condition. Inspection should be done in the vehicle’s inner and outer sections.

If you find any problem, you must inform the company. Taking snaps before and after the ride is better to avoid unnecessary claims. When you return your vehicle, the company must only cost you a little if they see scratches or damage. You can show the proof of inspection and get your full money back.

5.  Get a Car Insurance


It is necessary to purchase insurance for a rented car in Crete. You may not know that this place is at a high risk of accidents and it is essential to cover your life. It is a must to have third-party liability insurance. But please go for the complete coverage.

Even if you drive carefully, your life is at risk, and you must take care of it at any cost. You must keep yourself safe, and insurance can help you do so. In unfortunate accident cases, you can expect compensation for the maintenance and car repairs. Other damages like collision, theft, fire, etc., will also be covered.

6.  Advance Booking If You are Visiting Crete in Peak Seasons

Many tourists prefer to visit Crete at the peak time when there is too much crowd, and one can enjoy more than non-peak seasons. You must book a rented car in advance because there is no scope for it in peak seasons.

If you manage to get a rented vehicle, it can be expensive, and your trip will go beyond your budget. It is necessary to check the peak seasons of Crete and explore the perfect deals in the booking. When you book a car in advance, you can get any vehicle you desire without any issues.

7.  Choose the Vehicle at the Time of Booking


When you are about to book a rented car to drive in Crete, you need to choose the vehicle that you desire to drive. Many people prefer to select a vehicle at the time of collecting it. You may not get the desired one at that time, and you need to manage with the available one.

It is unfair to pay for a vehicle that is hard or uncomfortable to drive. Therefore, you must make the selection during the booking time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to rent any vehicle to explore Crete, you must follow all the tips mentioned. It is easy and cost-effective to book your favorite vehicle in advance. When you reach the destination, you can collect your car and go on a drive. These tips are useful for tourists traveling to Crete for the first time.