10 Best Inflatable Kayak UK 2022 – Alternative for Easy Storage

Inflatable kayaks are an excellent substitute for the rotomolded ones. They are marking increasing growth in popularity since they are easier to store and can be easily packed inside the vehicle for road trips. The best inflatable kayaks offer you the same adventure experience but are much more convenient and portable.

Editor's Pick
INTEX Canoë Explorer K2 Kayak pour Deux Personnes avec Rames + Pompe
Best 2 Person Kayak
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak with Oars, 2 Person Capacity, Orange
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Aqua Marina Laxo-285 Inflatable Leisure Kayak for 1 Person 2021, 285 cm Length
Best 3 Person Kayak
Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person - Blue
INTEX Canoë Explorer K2 Kayak pour Deux Personnes avec Rames + Pompe
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak with Oars, 2 Person Capacity, Orange
Aqua Marina Laxo-285 Inflatable Leisure Kayak for 1 Person 2021, 285 cm Length
Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person - Blue
Editor's Pick
INTEX Canoë Explorer K2 Kayak pour Deux Personnes avec Rames + Pompe
INTEX Canoë Explorer K2 Kayak pour Deux Personnes avec Rames + Pompe
Best 2 Person Kayak
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak with Oars, 2 Person Capacity, Orange
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak with Oars, 2 Person Capacity, Orange
Don't Miss
Aqua Marina Laxo-285 Inflatable Leisure Kayak for 1 Person 2021, 285 cm Length
Aqua Marina Laxo-285 Inflatable Leisure Kayak for 1 Person 2021, 285 cm Length
Best 3 Person Kayak
Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person - Blue
Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person - Blue

Once deflated, they can easily be stored in the back of your closet or corner in your basement without taking too much room. To choose the right product, you must take various considerations into account, such as the type of adventure you need it for or how many people you will be kayaking with.

The options are numerous, and picking the right one can be quite challenging. To help you make this choice easier, we have researched and made a list of some of the best-selling inflatable kayaks in the United Kingdom you can find nowadays.

List of Best Inflatable Kayak in UK

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

intex kayak

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Coming from the Intex store, this inflatable kayak is designed for two-person, made of vinyl, and comes in yellow/black color, which grants you higher visibility in the water. It is lightweight and compact, great for any type of adventure you might find yourself in.

The construction is made of vinyl, which provides you with more sturdiness and stability. Adjustable inflatable seats provide you with high comfort and enough space for the backrest. The skeg is removable and grants you more directional stability.

The package includes a carry bag, repair patch, aluminum oars, and manual pump that ensures easy installation. The weight limit of this product is roughly 200 kg, which can carry two adults easily. The price/value is exceptional for this product, which is currently the best seller on Amazon.

2. Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak with Oars

bestway hydro force kayak

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This inflatable kayak is an excellent and safe solution for your adventures. It is made of high-quality pre-tested vinyl, which grants you safety and stability on the water. The kayak is built for two-person and has a weight limit of 160 kilograms.

The seats are inflatable and offer you a high level of comfort and suitable back support. The package comes with pair of 2.18 metres long, collapsable, double-sided, durable aluminum oars. The fin is removable, which will provide you with greater stability and higher speed on the water.

The kayak is robust yet lightweight, which highly increases its portability. It is far easier for transportation and storage than any traditional canoe, making it an excellent choice for any type of water adventure that requires you to travel long distances.

3. Andes Inflatable/Blow Up Kayak

andes inflatable kayak

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Andes inflatable kayak is suitable for two adventurers that weigh around 160 kilograms. It is made of heavy-duty PVC for increased durability and stability. The package also contains a double paddle, airband, foot pump, and repair tools.

The kayak has 320 cm in length, 70 cm in width, and 40 cm in height. The inflation process is quite easy, with a foot pump that comes in the set. The first chamber might be a bit difficult to inflate, so it is better to do it with an electric pump. It is very comfortable and comes at a reasonable price for the value you get. The kayak is quite stable and has sufficient weight once it is inflated.

It offers plenty of space for both kayakers and their equipment and belongings. Ideal for water sports, fishing, or snorkeling. Storing is very easy after deflation since it takes very little space when it is folded.

4. Sevylor Tahaa Kayak, Inflatable Canoe

sevylor tahaa kayak

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This inflatable kayak is an excellent pick for beginners since its shape and construction grant you a high level of stability and control in the water. It is suitable for 2 kayakers and can endure a weight of up to 160 kilograms.

Dimensions are 312 x 92 cm, and it weighs 8 kg. The package includes Boston valves for easier installation and a boat repair kit. The kayak has a sturdy PVC shell, which grants you better control and higher stability. It is easy to inflate and moves very well in water.

Seats are removable and can be easily adjusted for the best possible comfort. Steering without skeg/fin can be potentially problematic, so you might want to consider purchasing one alongside the kayak. Excellent starting canoe, and has exceptional price/value ratio.

5. AM AQUA MARINA Laxo Kayak


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AM AQUA MARINA kayak is an exceptional option for rivers, canals, or calm sea. It comes in two different sizes of 285 and 320 cm. It offers you a decent amount of deck space for increased comfort, providing a lot of stability.

It is made of high-quality, durable polyester, which grants you long-lasting protection from UV rays. This kayak inflates very fast, and it is quite easy to assemble. All the tools that you require for kayaking adventure can be easily stored in a carry bag. It is an excellent option for beginners and very easy to paddle.

The kayak is neatly packaged and comes with plastic handles, D-rings, etc. Seats can be easily adjusted or removed completely, and they provide you with lots of comforts and back support. AM AQUA MARINA kayak is a great choice, especially for starter kayakers.

6. Pure4Fun Inflatable Kayak

pure4fun kayak

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This inflatable kayak is coming from the Pure4Fun store. It is available in black/red color, can support the weight up to 160 kilograms, and it is suitable for 1 or 2 persons. The package also includes an aluminum paddle and repair kit.

This kayak is extremely durable and made of double-layered PVC and provides you with great control and stability on lakes, seas, or rivers. It is lightweight and very easy to inflate or deflate; however, the package does not include a pump.

Pure4Fun kayak is 325 cm long and 81 cm wide, very sturdy, and stable on the water. It is an excellent choice for outdoor adventurers that enjoy kayaking with friends and/or family.

7. Hydro-Force Unisex’s BW65097-21 Bestway Kayak

hydro force unisex kayak

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Hydro-Force’s kayak comes in a package that includes a paddle, hand pump, two removable fins, and repair patch. It is suitable for one adult person and can carry a weight capacity of up to 150 kilograms.

It is very durable, made of high-quality vinyl material. The backrest is inflatable, and you have four footrest options for all heights for extra comfort. Inflating is very easy with the pump that comes with the package, and inflated dimensions are 2.7 m in length, 1 m in width, and 57 cm in height. Bestway kayak is very easy for transportation since it is equipped with carrying handles and grab rope.

Although it is pretty big in inflated dimensions, it is quite easy and convenient to store just about anywhere once you deflate it. The kayak is sturdy and feels very safe and stable on the water. A great option for both beginners and seasoned kayaking enthusiasts.

8. Sevylor Adventure Plus Inflatable Canoe

sevylor adventure plus kayak

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Coming from the Sevylor store, this kayak is suitable for two adults and one child. It can support up to 200 kilograms in weight and, once it is inflated, has dimensions of 368 cm in length and 86 cm in width.

It is sturdy, ideal for fishing trips on lakes and steady waters. The package includes a manometer, fin, kayak carry bag, boat repair set, and Boston valves. These valves provide you with a very fast and easy inflating process. The seats are inflatable and very easy to adjust and/or remove.

They are comfy and provide you with extra back support and comfort while paddling. The extra stability comes from a very durable tarpaulin shell and i-beam construction. Being super stable and safe, it is very easy to paddle, even for kids, and great for whole-family kayaking adventures.

9. AQUATEC Kayak | Inflatable Kayak for Men, Women & Kids

aquatec kayak

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AQUATEC offers you two kayak options in their store, Hudson, which is suitable for intermediate kayakers, and Ottawa, for pros. You also get options for a single seat or tandem for two persons.

Both kayak options are very sturdy and durable for all types of water adventures. They are made of high-quality materials that provide longevity and very high kayaking performance. Airtight valve keeps the air locked in throughout different types of kayaking actions and adventures. The valve system will release air at 18 PSI which is an excellent prevention for overinflating.

The water resistance is at a very high level, which keeps you dry at all times. Inflatable seats are detachable and easy to adjust. The package also includes a pump, collapsible paddles, and a carry bag that can fit all your accessories for kayaking.

10. Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person – Blue

sevylor hudson inflatable kayak

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This stable and sturdy kayak has three seats that are fit for two adults and one child. It weighs 17.7 kilograms and is 374 cm long and 89 cm wide once inflated. The pack also includes a manometer, carry bag, repair set, and Boston valves for easy and fast inflation.

The kayak is made of durable, high-quality polyester and contains two PVC side chambers. The maximum weight capacity is up to 210 kilograms which is excellent for kayaking parties with your family or friends. Inflatable seats are easy to adjust or remove and provide you with ultimate comfort and back support.

This kayak offers elite performance and feels safe and sturdy on water, and large outer chambers contribute further to its stability. Once it is deflated, storage is very simple, and the kayak can easily fit in a carry bag, which is excellent for road trips. The downside is the fact that the package does not come with a pump or paddles, so you will have to buy them separately.

Buying guide

best inflatable kayak

In order to get the best possible inflatable kayak in UK for your money’s worth, it is essential to look closely for second opinions, pros and cons, and other valuable features that are relevant.

Inflatable kayaks are typically cost-efficient, casual options to go for and are generally great for beginners and, in some situations, seasoned kayakers who look for a challenge. In the section below, we have put together a buying guide to help you choose the appropriate product that will best suit your needs.

Number of seats

The seat number is significant to consider. You might start kayaking on your own, but get some company along the way, or choose to go on these adventures with the family. In today’s market, you have options between 1 and 3 seats for inflatable kayaks, and these seats often have the option to be removed or adjusted according to your needs.


Materials for kayak construction are of the essence. They dictate the kayak’s durability and stability on the water. Nowadays, the popular options are vinyl or polyester, which offer a high level of sturdiness, durability, and water resistance.


Since you will spend a lot of time in a kayak and paddling it on long distances, comfort level is of the essence. Make sure that the seats are inflatable and that they offer you sufficient back and foot support. Comfort especially matters if you plan to go on a kayaking adventure with your family and ride along with a child.

Package content

To ensure that you get the best product for a price, it is important to check what additional tools you are getting with the kayak. It is recommended to purchase a product that also includes a pump, fin, paddles, carry bag, or repair tools. These additional items can ease the inflating process or offer you extra storage options, which are very important if you plan to go on long-distance trips for kayaking.

Frequently asked questions

challenger kayak

Do inflatable kayaks pop easily?

No, they do not. Inflatable kayaks are made of high-quality materials that provide you with stability and safety on the water. These materials yield a quality that is resistant to punctures and tears of any type.

What material is best for inflatable kayak construction?

There are many options that you can go for. Generally, the most popular choices are vinyl or polyester. These materials have high resistance for punctures and tears and have resistance to UV rays which is very important since you will be exposed to the sun for a longer period.

Can one person use a tandem inflatable kayak?

Absolutely. Tandem or three-person kayaks typically have removable and adjustable seats, so if you plan to go kayaking solo, you can easily remove the extra seats and comfortably enjoy your adventure.

Can I store my kayak inflated?

You should not do this. Leaving your kayak inflated for an extended period of time can damage the valves and stain the kayak’s skin.

How can I dry an inflatable kayak easily?

This is a really fast process, and most inflatable kayaks dry out quite easily. All you need to do is to tip the kayak sideways or upside down until you have drained all the water. After that, just use towels to soak any water that was left behind.

Final words

There are so many options for inflatable kayaks on the market nowadays, and it is quite challenging to narrow your search to the product that fits you best. To make an informed decision, you should consider its intended use and where you plan to take it.

Although it is challenging, picking the right inflatable kayak can be a lot of fun. We hope our article will help you narrow down your search and help you pick the product that will suit your needs and lifestyle, and above all else, to remain stable and safe on your adventures in the United Kingdom or beyond.

Bestseller No. 1
INTEX Canoë Explorer K2 Kayak pour Deux Personnes avec Rames + Pompe
  • Usage en eau douce ou sur un lac
  • Design profilé pour faciliter le paysage
  • Assise et dossier gonflable amovibles et ajustables
  • Vinyle renforcé très résistant : Qualité INTEX certifiée
  • Gonflage et dégonflage facile grâce à ses valves 2en1
SaleBestseller No. 2
Intex K2 Challenger Kayak 2 Person Inflatable Canoe with Aluminum Oars and Hand Pump
  • A luxury and strong inflatable kayak
  • 3 air compartments with a quick-fill/deflate valve
  • Comes with welded paddle supports, an extra grip en and a grappling rope
  • Including a handy repair set, 2 aluminum paddles, an inflatable pump
  • Certifications: TÜV and GS certified
Bestseller No. 3
Bestway Hydroforce Ventura Kayak Set, Inflatable Boat Set With Hand Pump, Paddle And Storage Bag
  • 2.8M INFLATABLE KAYAK: 2.8m sit on kayak perfect for exploring outdoors with weight capacity of 100kg (220lbs), 1 adult capacity
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: adjustable seat for comfort with storage compartment for essentials
  • BUILT-IN OAR CLASPS: oar clasps to hold kayak paddles allow you to relax and enjoy the water
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Bestway kayak boat made of premium coated nylon; puncture resistant, UV resistant, oil & water resistant
  • CONTENTS: 1 kayak, 1 paddle, 1 hand pump, 2 removable fins, 1 seat, 1 storage bag, 1 repair patch; Inflated Dimensions 2.8m (110”) x 86cm (34”) x...
Bestseller No. 4
Andes Yellow Inflatable/Blow Up Two Person Kayak/Canoe With Paddle Water Sports
  • INFLATABLE KAYAK - This 2 person inflatable kayak is perfect for lakes, beaches or rivers. The comfortable design has 5 air chambers and 2 inflatable...
  • EASY TO INFLATE/DEFLATE - Foot pump included making it easy for you to inflate your kayak
  • DURABLE - Made from heavy duty PVC, a great though and durable kayak to have fun with. CE approved
  • COMPLETE SET - 1 inflatable kayak, 1 double paddle, 1 air band, 1 foot pump and repair kit for longer lasting use. Maximum load: 160kg (353lbs). Size:...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Intex Challenger K1 Kayak 1 Man Inflatable Canoe with Aluminum Oars and Hand Pump
  • Challenger K1 One Person Kayak set is made from Intex "Super-Tough" vinyl which is a high molecular PVC that is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt...
  • It is highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. It also permits more air pressure for rigidity, making it perfect for river and...
  • The K1 comes with 84" aluminum oars and a high-output hand pump. The hard plastic skegs on the underside of the kayak (similar to the underside of a...
  • The kayaks feature inflatable seats with backrests, inflatable I-beam floors, grab lines on both ends, and a cargo net for extra storage. The sets...
  • Kayak size: 274cm (108") long x 76cm (30") wide by 33cm (15") high Weight Capacity: 100kg (175lbs).
SaleBestseller No. 6
Electric Air Pump Paddling Pool Rechargeable Cordless Pump for Inflatables Quick Inflate/Deflate...
  • 【Blow up Inflatables in Minutes】Paddling pool pump spend 3 minutes to inflate the swimming pool,takes 10-20s to blow up swimming ring,takes...
  • 【Rechargeable & Durable Power 】2×2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery air pump prevents you from the trouble by the socket and inverter when...
  • 【Deflate/Inflate Function & Easy Carrying】2 in 1 Inflatable/Deflatable electric pump for inflatables and vacuum storage bags. deflate the vacuum...
  • 【Fits for Multi Inflatables】BEAUTYOVO Electric air pump comes with 4 different nozzles. Ideal electric pump for paddling pool, air pump for...
  • 【Overheat Protection & Warranty】Airbed pump electric comes with an Overheat protection design, Avoid the burning out caused by overheating. This...
Bestseller No. 7
SUPVOX 8 Pcs Waterproof Repair Patch Clear Repair Patch Repair Hole Patch Kit for Tent, Exercise...
  • Crystal clear finish blends perfectly on all surface color and design. Its puncture-resistant surface stops tears and prevents further damage on vinyl...
  • This fabric tear repair patch will not degrade even under constant exposure to harsh sunlight, heavy rainfall or snow.
  • Practical in most PVC, nylon, canvas, artificial leather, rubber, all kinds of plastic, metal, glass material.
  • Vinyl and Fabric Ripstop tape adhesive bonds aggressively to vinyl, fabric, canvas, leather, greenhouse, and tarp. Works well against heat, rain and...
  • Clean the area before peel and apply.
Bestseller No. 8
Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak, Three Person - Blue
  • Sturdy kayak for two adults and one child, ideal for lakes, fishing and sea shores, broad shape combines stability and comfort when out on the water,...
  • Two person canoe comes with boston valves for easy inflation and fast deflation, manometer for pressure control included
  • The two inflatable kayak seats are easy to adjust and remove, offering much comfort while paddling
  • The compact Canadian canoe comes with a durable polyester hull, two pvc side chambers
  • Kayak size inflated: 374 x 89 cm, weight: 17.7 kg, maximum load capacity: 210 kg; manometer, fin, kayak carry bag, boat repair set are included
Bestseller No. 9
Milestone Camping 83530 Double Action Hand Operated Air Pump / Suitable For All Inflatables /...
  • HAND OPERATED AIR PUMP - This double action hand pump will make blowing up large inflatables like paddling pools, beach balls and airbeds at home or...
  • DOUBLE ACTION AIR FLOW – The air pump features a continuous airflow system that not only inflates when pushed down, but also when you pull up the...
  • INCLUDES 3 SEPARATE NOZZLES – The multi-purpose air pump comes complete with 3 interchangeable nozzles that ensure you will have every attachment...
  • PERFECT SIZE – The hand pump measures 45cm x 20cm (H x W), is super lightweight & portable, and features ergonomic handles and a foot plate to allow...
  • MILESTONE CAMPING – Milestone Camping is the leading manufacturer of everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. Visit the Milestone Camping...
Bestseller No. 10
Sup Electric Pump,20psi Electric Paddle Board Pump with 5 Nozzles,Smart Inflation Auto-Off, Digital...
  • 【Paddle Board Pump】 - electric pump for paddle board with intelligent proactive digital controller,Built-in sand filter for air intake & pump...
  • 【Sup Pump Widely Applicable】 - Sup pump electric with 3.6FT long flexible air hose and 5 Removable Air Jets,The gas nozzle matches 90% of the...
  • 【Adjustable Psi and Auto Off】 - Automatic Dual Stage electric paddle board pump - 1st stage for maximum speed at 350l/min and 2nd stage for...
  • 【Digital Display Pressure Monitoring】 - sup pump features smart inflator design w/ air pressure preset and is equipped w/ a digital LCD screen and...
  • 【12v Dc Car Connector 】- Connects to your car's 12V DC connector. paddle board car pump features a 12A fuse for increased safety.Quick and easily...