Diabetic Foot Care Tips for Women: Importance of Proper Socks

Diabetes is one of the most common long-term diseases faced by the people of the 21st century. It is one of those diseases that cannot be completely cured but can be maintained to normal levels for a lifetime through restricted diets and medicines. Diabetes is often equated with slow poison because it can result in organ failure and eventually death if left untreated for a long time.

The best part about diabetes is that the control is in your hands; you can control what you are eating, your lifestyle, your sleeping patterns, and many other things to make the body’s sugar levels normal. Apart from proper diets, medicines, and exercise, there is one more thing that helps a diabetic person; it is a diabetic sock. If you are seeking diabetic socks for women, you can find on this site the best collections.

Why Do You Need Diabetic Socks?


Every person with diabetes might feel there is no need for a special sock because they are on medicines and healthy diets. Many people are unaware of how these socks work, and are they truthful to what these socks claim? Diabetic socks are designed for people of all age groups suffering from diabetes. They are made to prevent over-sweating, injuries, and infections and regulate blood circulation.

As a person suffering from diabetes, getting hurt on foot and getting infections is the last thing you want to experience. Sometimes, even if you are very careful about your actions, injuries are always unpredictable, leading to health complications. Diabetic socks are designed to protect the feet from potential injuries, prevent bacteria formation, and reduce odor.

8 Benefits Of Wearing Diabetic Socks


If you are new to the concept of diabetic socks, then you must be glad to know that wearing them can give you a lot of benefits and, in a way, improve your health condition. Here are the eight health benefits you can expect from these special types of socks:

Your Feet Don’t Sweat

The best part about wearing diabetic socks is that it prevents over-sweating your feet. If you have diabetes and some minor foot injuries, sweat formation can lead to bacteria and infections. As a result, worsening your health condition. Diabetic socks are made from breathable and lightweight fabrics that ensure your feet are dry and feel comfortable all day.

Fits Well

Wearing bad-fitted socks all day will leave you in discomfort and affect your health. For instance, if you are wearing a sock that is a size smaller than your usual size, it can affect your blood circulation, leaving behind deep red marks and pain. Diabetic socks are knitted to fit effortlessly and give you sheer comfort.

Can Reduce Swellings

Since these socks are ideally made for people with diabetes, and often this health condition gives rise to pain and swellings, they can help reduce the discomfort and pain in the feet if worn for a longer duration.

Fewer Chances Of Injuries

A regular sock cannot provide the type of protection a diabetic sock can. They have special padding on particular places that are much more prone to injuries. In this way, even if you hit your foot somewhere, your chances of injuries are the least upon wearing this special sock.

Enhanced Blood Circulation


The best part about wearing these socks is that you can wear them all day, even to bed, and you get enhanced blood circulation. Thus, keeping you healthy during travel or at home.

All-Day Comfort

What is the point of wearing a sock if it is not comfortable? Since your diabetes often troubles you with sharp pains and swellings, diabetic socks give you the comfort you seek.

No More Fear Of Bacteria-Formation Or Infections

Regular socks make your feet sweaty and give rise to bacteria if you wear them for a longer duration. This bacteria formation is harmful to a diabetic patient, especially if the person has suffered some minor injuries on the feet recently. But, when wearing diabetic socks, your feet are dry all day, and there is no fear of bacteria formation.

Reduced Odor

With sweat comes odor, which can sometimes leave you in embarrassing situations. But, when there is no sweat, and your feet are dry, there is no fear of odor.

How To Take Care Of Your Feet: Expert Tips For Women To Protect The Feet If You Have Diabetics


Even if you are very cautious about your actions and try your best to improve your health, there may still be some things you must be careful about. If you keep these expert tips in mind, you can see much more improvement in your health and lifestyle.

  • Cut your nails regularly and be very careful while cutting and filing them. You must also avoid cutting the nails short because it can lead to ingrown toenails.
  • Hygiene is in your hands, so if you wish to avoid bacteria and infections, wear clean socks daily.
  • Diabetes patients complain a lot about sharp pains, numbness in the feet, sudden swellings, and aches. You can minimize these issues by submerging your feet in lukewarm water daily before sleep. In this way, your feet will also stay hygienic.
  • Some patients also complain about dry and flaky feet, so you can pamper your foot with light moisturizers. Overdrying makes the skin flaky and more prone to injuries.
  • You must inspect your feet every day for any minor bruises or injuries.
  • Ditch your regular shoes and socks and replace them with diabetic shoes and socks specially designed for comfort.
  • At any cost, you must always avoid walking barefoot because it increases the potential for injuries.
  • Introducing light exercises or practicing yoga to enhance blood circulation, ease pain, and increase metabolism.
  • You must try keeping your feet dry as much as you can to prevent moisture build-up and bacteria formation.

Final Words

You can always consult your doctor before choosing to wear diabetic socks. Once you begin to wear them, you can see a lot of improvement in your health. And the best part, you can travel all day wearing them and even go to bed without removing them.