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10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers UK 2024 – For Quality Sleep

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Numerous experts claim that side sleeping is the healthiest and most beneficial way to do it. Side sleepers rarely suffer from backaches, breathe easier, and have better digestion. However, if you do not use an adequate mattress for side sleeping, it can result in shoulder and lower back pain.

A quality mattress for side sleeping will provide you with pressure relief and will properly align your spine. But which one should you choose? In the market nowadays, we are often overwhelmed with countless pieces of information that make even the most straightforward choices challenging.

In order to to help you choose the proper mattress for side sleeping, we have put together a list of our top picks in this category available in the United Kingdom.

List of Best Mattress for Side Sleepers in UK

1. Starlight Beds – Single Mattress

starlight beds single mattress

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This Starlight Beds mattress offers you six different sizes to choose from. It comes at a very low cost, and it is ideal for both adults and children. The mattress arrives vacuum-packed and rolled up, so you will have to air it out for 24 hours before using it.

Its support is equally good across the entire surface. It possesses airflow memory fibre which will adapt according to your body and grant you a good night’s sleep. This fibre does not only provide comfort and support, but it is also helping to protect the environment since it uses high percentages of recycled Polythene Terephthalates.

The even spread of humidity through the mattress regulates the temperature, so you do not get overheating feeling that is common with regular types. It has hypoallergenic properties, which ensure quality and healthy sleep.

2. EMMA Original King Mattress

emma king mattress

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Coming from the Emma store, this mattress provides exceptional comfort and is suitable for side sleepers. It is equipped with three layers that grant you excellent lower back support. The mattress comes in five different sizes, while you can also purchase three different bundles.

Emma king mattress is one of the most awarded and recognized in the United Kingdom. It features top-notch foams and is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that will provide you with a good night’s uninterrupted sleep. It possesses an Airgocell layer and Visco elastic memory foam which grants excellent decompressing and breathability.

Firmness is medium since it is not wise to use too soft or too hard mattresses. The top cover can be washed at 60 degrees, and the side and bottom ones at 40 degrees. If by any chance you get a small stain on it, it can be washed with mild detergent and warm water.

3. Silentnight Comfort Rolled Foam Mattress

silentnight mattress

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This Silentnight’s mattress is available in 6 different sizes, and you can pick one of three styles – comfort rolled, 3 zone memory, and 7 zone memory. It is suitable for adults and weighs roughly 18 pounds.

The mattress is not too soft, nor is it too firm, making it an excellent choice for side sleepers. It comes rolled and wrapped, so you should air it out for 24 hours before the first use. Place it in a warm room for the fastest recovery time. The mattress is hypoallergenic and is equipped with Purotex fibres that protect it from dust mites which Allergy UK endorses.

You will likely notice a slight odor when you unpack the mattress, which is perfectly normal. Just air it out, and the smell will disappear in just a couple of hours. Do not use chemical cleaners on this mattress as it can damage the fabric and stitching. Also, the cover is not removable, so do not attempt to take it off.

4. Vesgantti 5FT King Size Mattress

vesgantti mattress

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Vesgantti mattress is available to purchase in 10 different sizes. It is medium-firm, weighs around 35 kilograms (depending on the size), and comes in white color. This mattress is designed to support and relieve 7 pressure points in your body.

It is equipped with multilayered foam that is breathable, hypoallergenic, baby-friendly, and therapeutic. The air within it circulates great and keeps your body comfortable and dry during sleep time. It has excellent shock absorption enabling it to absorb any noise and vibrations while turning and rolling in bed. Peace and quiet equals long and uninterrupted sleep.

The package arrives vacuum-packed, so you should give it 72 hours at maximum to expand to its full size. Medium firmness makes it an excellent choice for all types of sleepers, especially for side sleeping.

5. Molblly Small Double Mattress

molblly mattress

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Molblly’s mattress is available in 4 different sizes for you to purchase. It is medium-firm, and you can buy it in black and white color. It is equipped with memory foam that is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most delicate types of skin.

The mattress is designed with double layers all-foam system, which increases comfortability and heat dispersal. It remains at the ideal temperature at all times and provides you with continuous airflow and breathability. The no-sink support adapts to your body and completely relieves the pressure in most important points.

The mattress has high shock absorption, so the motion transfer is reduced, and you will not disturb your sleeping partner when rolling and moving in bed. It arrives vacuumed and tightly packaged, so after it arrives, it is wise to give it at least 48 hours or 72 at most to decompress fully. The mattress will adapt to your body shape and size, no matter how much you weigh. Great for side sleepers.

6. The Haze 4″ Deep All Reflex Foam Stress Free Mattress

the haze mattress

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This firm mattress is an excellent choice for cabin or bunk beds; to be precise, it is ideal for any bed type where the mattress’s height matters. It is available in 8 different sizes for purchasing and comes in white color.

This product is orthopedic, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. It is equipped with high-density foam making it a firm and suitable choice for side sleepers. Since it arrives vacuumed, allow it to decompress for 24 hours in a dry and warm room before the first use.

The mattress is made delicately and with attention to detail in order to make it work in great harmony with your body. It is highly elastic, distributes the user’s weight evenly, and perfectly aligns the spine. This mattress is an excellent choice and offers you a luxurious yet supportive feeling resulting in countless hours of comfortable sleep.

7. Inofia Double Mattress

inofia double mattress

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Coming from the Inofia store, this mattress is available in five different sizes and comes in black and white color. It has a hybrid medium-plush surface, and it is designed to adapt to the spine’s natural curves and provide you with comfortable sleep.

Inofia mattress relieves the pressure, soothes muscles, and provides you with cozy sleep time. It is made of 100% natural materials that enable moisture absorption, dry fast and make your body breathe easily. The mattress is visually appealing and has a modern and sophisticated look.

The exquisite memory foam provides you with a relaxing massage. It is breathable and has a stable foundation. Since it is a super king mattress, once it is fully aired out, it might be heavy, so make sure to put it close to the bed you plan to place it on before the whole process.

8. Visco Therapy Double Mattress

visco mattress

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Visco therapy mattress has 4 different sizes that you can opt for and comes in white color. It is double-layered, ensuring maximum comfort and quality sleep hours. The top layer consists of memory foam that takes the shape of your body that provides you with ultimate relaxation, while the second layer has reflex foam for back support.

After the product arrives, you should leave it to air out for 72 hours to get rid of chemical smells. The mattress includes quilted polyester wadding. The bottom is covered with non-slippery material, which prevents it from moving. This mattress alleviates back pain and relaxes your muscles. You will wake up well-rested and full of energy.

The mattress is plush and 15 cm deep, excellent for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Its structure benefits pressure distribution and offers you orthopedic support necessary for natural spine position and quality rest. The mattress will arrive vacuum-packed, so make sure to let it decompress for at least 24 hours.

9. Aspire Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

aspire beds mattress

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This medium-firm mattress comes from the Aspire Beds store and is available in 5 different sizes for you to choose from. This type of product provides you with the perfect balance of comfort and support throughout your rest time.

The mattress has orthopedic properties that will relieve you of back and neck pain and provide you with great comfort, especially if you are a side sleeper and require extra support. It is excellent for kids, teenagers, and adults.

The high-density foam ensures that your spine is in natural and healthy alignment. The mattress has high shock absorption, which reduces motion and sound transfer, so you can sleep tight if your partner moves around a lot during sleep time. It is developed to prevent dust from collecting, and it is also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

10. Lucid 20 cm Memory Foam Mattress

lucid mattress

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Coming from the Lucid store, this product is available in 5 different sizes, offers you a medium feel, and comes in black color. It is plush and weighs 27.31 kilograms. Once fully decompressed, the mattress is pretty heavy, so make sure to put it on the desired spot before you start the process.

The design is ventilated, which provides users with high breathability and increases air circulation. This is very important for a stable, healthy, and comfortable sleeping environment. A fully inflated product is 20 cm high, which grants excellent support and stability.

It might take you a couple of days to fully adapt to the new materials of the mattress, but afterward, the fabric will start to soften, and you will feel way more comfortable. It is excellent for side sleepers and provides great back support.

Buying Guide

side sleeper

Quality sleep time is highly beneficial for health and proper functionality throughout each day. A top-notch mattress is of the essence when it comes to a good night’s rest.

Everyone requires good body support, especially side sleepers, who experience higher pressure in the shoulders and hips. In the section below, we have put together several guidelines that you should be mindful of when purchasing the mattress for side sleeping.

Type of the mattress

Every mattress has its qualities and flaws, and picking the proper one often becomes a series of trial and error. However, there are several key things you should always take into consideration.

Pick the type that offers full-body support. The mattress you choose must have motion isolation (shock absorption), temperature regulation, and pressure point relief.


This factor is often subjective. Side sleepers require adequate support for shoulders and hips, so you should opt for a mattress that will keep the spine aligned and have soft cushioning. Consider your weight as well, since this factor can influence the firmness level that the mattress will provide.

Memory foam

Pressure relief is of high importance for side sleepers since it soothes their shoulders and hips. The best solution for this is memory foam which adapts to the user’s body shape and aligns the spine in a perfect, healthy position.

Hypoallergenic properties

For healthy and peaceful sleep, you will require natural and high-quality covers. Picking a mattress that has covers with hypoallergenic properties is always an excellent solution.

It will make you breathe normally throughout your rest time and prevent you from getting allergic reactions to dust. An organic latex mattress is one of the better solutions for side sleepers that have allergies or asthma.


To get the best value for your money’s worth, you should consider the type of materials the mattress is made of. High-quality materials are something that largely affects the durability of the product.

Although better materials add to the price, they will significantly increase the lifespan of the mattress and provide you with a higher level of comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most important feature the mattress for side sleepers should have?

It is important that the mattress is made of memory foam. It adapts to the user’s body, and since side sleepers expose their hips and shoulders to more pressure, memory foam will relieve it and grant a higher comfort level.

What is ideal mattress firmness for side sleepers?

The best solution for side sleepers is either a medium-soft or medium-firm mattress. These mattresses provide better pressure relief and are an excellent option.

User’s weight also affects this choice, so if you weigh less, you should opt for a softer mattress, and if you weigh more, for example, over 200 pounds, go for a firmer one.

What material is best for a mattress for side sleepers?

The most popular options are memory foam or organic latex. You should be fine as long as the material has even pressure relief distribution.

Is an innerspring mattress a good fit for a side sleeper?

Innerspring mattresses are often firmer, so it can be a good solution for a side sleeper as long as it is soft enough. If you decide to opt for this one, make sure that it has a thicker comfort layer.

Final Words

Hybrid, latex, or gel mattress? Firm or soft? Picking the proper product for a side sleeper might be a challenging endeavor, and you will likely go through trial and error until you find the one that suits your needs.

We hope our list and guide will help you find the proper product or at least help you sort the priorities on the way of purchasing one. Bear in mind what we have listed, consider the qualities and flaws that every product carries because only then will you find the mattress that will grant you a good night’s sleep.