10 Best Security Light With Motion Sensor UK 2024 – Ultimate Guide for Your Outdoor Illumination

best outdoor security lights

Security lights with motion sensors are growing in popularity lately. It is an excellent solution for illuminating household areas such as the driveway, patio, or swimming pool. These lights can also be very useful for extra safety and security and alert you of unwanted visitors’ presence.

Given that these lights turn on when a sensor detects motion and then turn off roughly 20 seconds later, they are also a helpful solution if you want to save extra energy. In the competitive UK market nowadays, there are numerous options with excellent features that you can purchase.

We ran in-depth research and picked the top-notch, quality products that might be just what every household requires. In the section below, we have compiled a list of some of the best security lights with motion sensors you can find today, to ensure you get the best for your money’s worth.

List of Best Security Light With Motion Sensor in UK

1. HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights


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This HETP’s product provides you with excellent, powerful, and bright illumination that is very easy to install. This security light is an exceptional choice in terms of energy-saving and environmental protection.

It has a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and detects people within a 20-26 feet radius. These solar lights offer you three different modes that you can pick for your nighttime illumination. There is a strong long light mode, dim light sensor mode, and strong light sensor mode.

The product is highly resistant to heat and made of top-notch ABS. It is also resistant to rust and built to withstand different weather conditions throughout the whole day.

When installing this product, all you need to do is place it on the wall using enclosed screws, and no additional cabling is necessary. Since it charges on solar power, install the light in the direction of sunlight for more efficient recharging.

2. ZHIROAD LED Motion Sensor Security Wall Lights


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This motion sensor light is equipped with 216  LED beads and offers you a max 300 degrees wide angle of bright illumination. It can light up to 15 square metres during the night, and it is a cost-efficient solution for your home.

The product is equipped with a PIR motion sensor, which provides you with 12 degrees sensing angle. The sensor can detect any motion within 3-6 metres and lights up for 25 seconds, after which it automatically turns off afterward.

It is solar-powered, so installing the light facing the sunlight for more effective charging is recommended. The product has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of between 19 and 20%, providing illumination that lasts roughly 10 hours (when fully charged).

These wall lights are made of high-quality, heat-resistant materials, have water-resistant ecoefficiency of IP65, and can withstand just about any weather conditions. Enclosed screws make the installation very fast and easy, and you do not require any cables or wires.

3. Mr Beams Wireless Battery-Operated Outdoor Motion-Sensor LED Spotlight

mr beams light

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Mr Beams light is an excellent solution for any household that has dim areas that you want to light up during the night. It provides you 200 lumens and is powered with 3 D-cell batteries light that gets activated on motions within 9 meters.

The product is wireless, and it is designed to withstand any weather conditions, be it hard summer heat or moisture from winter snows. It is highly durable, grants you a wide coverage area, and has long battery life.

The light can be installed quickly and easily and can be placed pretty much anywhere in your household. The screws are included, and the whole installation process lasts around five minutes. Batteries can last roughly a year with 8 – 10 activations per day.

4. CLY 20W Security Lights


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These security lights come from the CLY store and offer you 1700 lumen, 6500k cold white light. It provides you with 120 degrees illumination angle alongside 180 degrees sensor angle and grants you roughly 50 000 hours of life service.

The product is equipped with a PIR motion sensor which can be adjusted according to your needs. The illumination length can also be adjusted to as low as 10 seconds and as much as 10 minutes. You can also pick two modes – Sun mode, which can work 24/7, and Moon mode, which lights up only during the night.

The installation is fairly simple. All you need to do is place the product on the mounting hole and fasten it with screws that are included in the package. The lights are really bright, so consider your needs for this product when choosing the light strength. Three thousand lumens version might be redundant if all you need is to light up your driveway or patio.

The motion detector is excellent and picks up any movement within 15 meters. The only downside is that the cable is a bit short, which can prove problematic during installation, so you might need to extend it.

5. Lepro 20W Security Lights


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This product is an excellent solution if you want to save some money on your electric bill. It saves more than 85% of power and provides you with an exceptional field of illumination with its 1700 lumen, 5000K temperature light.

The design of the sensor is ultra-thin, making the installation very quick and easy. It can also be adjusted to whichever angle you require. The product is waterproof, rustproof, and can withstand just about any moist or heated conditions you can think of.

The motion sensor is sensitive and offers you three setting switches – lighting time, motion distance, and day/night settings. The product detects motions within 8 meters, and illumination length can be adjusted to last between 3 seconds and 8 minutes.

The installation is pretty quick, and the wires can be easily connected to the junction box. The downside is the fact that you cannot install the light on the ground since it will affect induction. Lepro security lights are highly durable and made of aluminum and tempered glass for added protection.

6. NICREW [2-Pack] Battery Powered Security Light

nicrew battery powered light

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This product offers you four powerful and bright LEDs and provides you with 600 lumen light that can illuminate your household’s entrance, exit, driveway, shed, or porch. The light activates on motions within 5 meters, and the sensor prevents activation during daylight in order to prolong the battery life.

This Nicrew light will turn off automatically after it does not detect any motions for 20 seconds, which is also an essential factor for battery life preservation.

The product is made of highly durable and water-resistant materials that can endure various weather conditions. LEDs are powered with energy-efficient 4 D-cell batteries that, sadly, do not come included in the package.

The installation of these wireless LED lights is fairly simple and will take as much as 5 minutes of your time. It does not include any wires, so you will be able to install it without an electrician’s assistance.

7. MEIKEE 30W Outdoor Security Lights with Motion Sensor Led Floodlight


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MEIKEE outdoor security lights come with 3 different settings you can set up – SENS, the setting that will adjust the motion detection distance between 0 and 12 metres; LUX, which allows you to use the lights 24 hours or only during the night; and TIME which enables you to adjust how long does the light stay turned on and you can choose between 0 and 600 seconds.

The product is equipped with 36 LED units that provide you with 3400-lumen output with 6500K brightness of daylight white color. The light covers the 120 degrees wide illumination area, and it is excellent for any household or business accommodations.

MEIKEE security lights are made of impact-resistant nanomaterials and aluminum alloy housing that can endure different weather conditions, whether it is high summer temperature or moist and cold snow.

8. SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Lights

sansi led

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SANSI LED 36 W lights offer you 3600-lumen illumination that is an excellent choice for any household.  The sensor can detect any small movement within the range of 50 feet and grants you 180 degrees sensing angle.

Ceramic heat dissipation technology and hollow design ensure that the light will last very long (50 000 hours approx). The ceramic also has thermal conductivity, and it is highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

This product offers you four different modes that allow you to adjust it according to your needs – test mode, auto mode, on-time mode, and dusk to dawn mode.

SANSI LED lights are waterproof and tested to endure just about any weather. The installation is very simple and will take up to 10 minutes of your time, and the lamp head and motion sensor can be adjusted according to your needs.

9. LUOWAN LED Motion Detector Security Light Outdoor

luowan led

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Luowan LED light comes divided with two heads that can be adjusted 60 degrees on left or right and 80 degrees up and down. The light with illuminate 160 degrees wide area and 2400 lumen, 500K white light output.

The sensor detects movement inside 6 to 10 metres area no matter how small the object is. The product is equipped PIR sensor that will not allow it to light up during daylight, while during the night, it will turn off automatically after 20 seconds. It is an excellent solution and will be kind to your pockets whenever your electrical bill arrives.

These motion detector lights are made of tough, durable materials that are resistant to various weather conditions. The installation is fast and easy and does not require you to hire an electrical expert. It is recommended to install these lights at a height between 1 and 4 metres.

10. STASUN LED Security Light

stasun led

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Stasun LED security light feels and looks exceptionally made with top-notch materials. Installation is very simple and only requires you to slot the unit in the place you want and secure it with a screw that comes included in the package.

The LED head is adjustable and can move 90 degrees left or right, or 40 degrees up and down. The sensing distance can be adjusted on low, medium, and high, which covers the distance between 25 and 69 feet.

The duration of the light can also be adjusted between 1 and 20 minutes, and there are also options for permanent on/off lighting. The product is water-resistant, making it excellent for your garden, driveway, entrances, and exits.

The installation is very simple and does not take too much of your time. You need to connect L/GD/N wires to corresponding holes, ensure that the screws are properly tightened, and you are set.

Buying Guide

illuminated drivewaySince so many security lights with motion sensors offer you similar features that bear high importance, choosing the appropriate one might be a challenge.

All products come with their qualities and flaws, and in order to help you to make the right choice, we have assembled a brief list of guidelines you should follow to get the best value for your money.

Illumination and Coverage of the Security Light

A quality motion sensor security light should always provide you with excellent illumination. To ensure quality light coverage, always check the lumen and watt capacity of the product before the purchase.

Good motion sensor light should be able to cover the ground of your whole garden, backyard, or driveway, so ensure that the product you are buying has enough power to do so.

Motion Detection Range

You should pick the product depending on the ground you want the light to cover. A bigger coverage area requires a better motion detection range. If you have a huge household with a bigger yard to cover, go for the product that will be able to detect motions on wider surfaces.

Power Source

The power source is a very important factor to consider before the purchase. There is a total of three choices you can go for – battery-operated lights, wired lights, and solar lights. There are also products that offer you the option to use multiple power sources at once.

Adjustable Modes and Illumination Durability

Go for the product that offers you the option to adjust how long you want the light to stay turned on to save up on your electricity bill and prolong the lifespan of the product.

Typically, popular products offer you the option for the light to turn off shortly after it stops detecting movement. There are also options to adjust if you want the light to turn on only during nighttime or for it to stay off throughout daylight.

Frequently Asked Questions

double sided security lights with motion sensor

How many lumens does my security light with motion sensor should have?

This factor largely depends on the ground you want to cover. The higher the lumen number, the better illumination is granted.

The lights we have listed offer you various lights with different outputs in a range between 600 and 3000+ lumens, and you are bound to find the one that will suit your needs there.

What is the appropriate wattage for outdoor lights with motion sensors?

Again, this depends on the ground you want the light to cover, but for outdoor conditions, you should pick the product that has between 40 and 75 watts.

What type of power sources are available for security lights with motion sensors?

There are three available options that you can go for – batteries, wired lights, and solar lights that can be charged with sunlight rays.

What does PIR stand for?

PIR stands for Passive Infrared motion sensors. They are designed to detect motions of humans, large pets, and various large, warm, moving objects.

Can LED lighting work in synergy with motion sensors?

Absolutely. Motion sensors with the right configuration can work excellently with LED lights. These lights work to monitor the targeted area and illuminate it when the movement is detected.

Final Words

Security light with motion sensor is one of the necessities for home security and the illumination of dim, dark areas of the household. They are also valuable for other purposes, so it is a smart investment, especially for large properties.

These lights are an exceptional choice, not only for home security but also for energy efficiency. All the products from our list are top-notch in quality, available in the United Kingdom, and we hope this guide will narrow down your search for an illuminating solution and help you pick the product that will suit your needs best.