6 Safety And Security Mistakes To Avoid When Organising An Event

Organizing an event is never easy, as too many details need to be perfectly planned in order for everything to go smoothly. It might sound like an easy and fun job, but the fact that one tiny detail can ruin months of planning changes everything. The most important part of any concert, sports game, or any other event is to provide the guests and employees with well-trained security to be in charge of their safety, and as we know, accidents happen, but it is up to us to do everything we can to prevent them. However, it is sometimes not that easy, and some common mistakes often happen, so we will explain them better and teach you how to avoid them.

Allowing people without identity card


One of the easiest ways to know exactly every participant in the event is to ask them to show their identity card or a badge that proves they are invited. Allowing people without being sure about their identity is never a good idea, as it can result in having more people than planned or even having some unwanted and unnecessary people at the event. Once the first person is allowed without showing a permit, the others will follow the example and try to do the same, which can affect the safety of other people.

Regarding that, each person should prove their identity before being allowed to attend the event, and failing to do that can lead to severe problems. Luckily, there is an even easier way of proving someone’s identity, as thanks to modern technology, we can use digital check-ins instead of manual ones and save a lot of time. Each guest and staff member gets their own digital code, so it is impossible to enter the event without it.

Neglecting the risk

Many people believe that every person in the world is good and nothing bad can happen during the event, so it is not necessary to have real security, but unfortunately, the truth is much different. Some people try to make an easy living by stealing, and big events can be their best opportunity to do that. Sometimes they make plans days or even months before, so having trained security to make an event safe for other people and organizers is a must, as they are trained to deal with all possible threats.

Hiring amateurs


Being an organizer of some major event is a great chance to find a job for friends and family, but when it comes to securing it, it is always better to hire a professional. Bad things happen, and it is crucial to make everyone safe while at an event, from guests to staff, and hiring amateurs for that job puts everyone at risk. Another problem when people decide to hire amateurs is the budget, but it is not something where you should try to save some money, as one simple mistake can even endanger people’s lives. Because of that, it is important to find a reliable company with workers who have a lot of experience, and if you are searching for one who can offer you services from armed security, visit¬†

Hiring fewer people than necessary

Once you decide to organize a major event, you need to expect that many people will come, and the best idea is to try to estimate how many people will be present. Knowing an approximate number of people is the most important factor when hiring security because it determines the number of people necessary to secure it. Hiring fewer people than you should, may result in a real disaster in something unplanned happens, as the security will not be able to control the crowd, which can lead to accidents. Reasons for not hiring enough people can be different, but in most cases, it is a bad judgment about the expected number of guests or a limited budget. As we have already mentioned, it is not something where you should try to save some money, and hiring enough personnel is a must.

Not having proper surveillance


If we want to secure everything, proper surveillance is a must, and it is not possible to achieve it without the proper equipment, no matter how many people we have in charge. The reason for that is simple – thanks to big crowds, it is impossible to check and see everything at every moment. Luckily, there are many different pieces of equipment that can solve this problem for us and let us have an insight into everything that happens. Cameras have been used for years, and thanks to the video recording they provide, we can easily check every happening at the event whenever necessary. Besides cameras, drones are becoming more popular thanks to their mobility and great perspective, which allows us to see the entire venue and easily zoom.

Choosing the wrong location

When it comes to choosing the best location for any event, it is crucial to choose the safest one, in order to reduce any possible risk. The venue should be located in a peaceful part of the city, with the lowest crime rate if possible, and we need to take care that it is properly secured, so anyone unwanted cannot enter. Sometimes the venue owners have their own security team and surveillance equipment, so it is necessary to ask them in time and avoid hiring two teams.

Final thoughts


The mistakes we have mentioned in the text above might seem too silly, and many people will think that it is impossible that it will happen to them, but the truth is much different. These are the most common mistakes, and they often happen, even to well-organized people, so it is necessary to learn more about them and how to recognize them in order to be able to avoid them. If any of them happens, it can put guests and staff at risk of being hurt and result in some serious problems that can make any event a real disaster in a few minutes.