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Common Misconceptions About Taser Guns and Women’s Self Defense

Knowing how to protect ourselves is among the most important skill we should obtain. Of course, there are many ways to do that, it depends on your perception and the level of interest you have. The first one you should think about is how to protect yourself physically. Naturally, the way for you to do that is to learn some useful martial arts skills. 

On the other hand, if you are a woman, you can obtain useful devices like Taser for women, and you can find on this site interesting facts about it. Then there’s financial protection. Protecting your financial status is more than just having enough money at your disposal. Think about it widely, this is a way to protect the present and the future of your family members. 

These two are the commonest types of protection out there. Furthermore, there are many more of them that require your attention. So, you should decide on which one you want to utilize depending on your actual needs. If you take a look at the official numbers, sexual harassment is on the rise in the last couple of years. There are numerous reasons for this occurring. 

Finding the right way to combat these numbers is yet to be found. For the time being, the best way to prevent these problems is to find the right devices that will help women protect themselves. Today, we want to talk about them, and about common misconceptions regarding this topic.


Women’s Self Defense

The commonest thing women are taught to do when they face sexual harassment is to run away. In theory, this sounds like a really good plan. However, a problem arises regarding the situation women are in. They will not have the right idea about when is the right time for them to run away. In many situations, you will see that determining the right time is practically impossible. 

The attackers are usually pretty careful about making a move, and they often caught the victim off-guard. There is even scientific proof that this is not always the best thing to do. For instance, you will see that the human body requires a couple of seconds before it is ready to start to run with complete capacity. These few seconds are often crucial.  

After this period passes, the problems can arise significantly, which can cause the problems to be much bigger, and running away will not be the right answer since it is not possible. Instead, we would say that the right way to protect yourself is to know how to answer these attacks. Of course, we are talking about physicality. 

For instance, every woman should know how to repel these attacks and inflict significant damage. Instead of what most people advocate, which is usually to kick in the lower parts, we would say that knowing how to throw a punch in the nose or chin will be much more helpful down the road.


What About Taser Gun?

A Taser gun is not what most people think it is. Instead of an average electro-shock gun, we are talking about a specific brand. For instance, you will see that this device has become a standard part of the equipment many police forces use all over the globe. For example, the Australian police use it as a standard, and you will see that it is used mainly during the breaking of the riots. 

It is a less invasive device, and it has a role in declining the number of casualties during riots. The way these devices work is that they paralyze the attacker and prevent them from acting in any way. That’s why they have become quite widespread these days, especially among women who have undergone training that will help them protect against attackers. 

We’ve already said that the numbers have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. In a survey conducted among women that own one of these, we can see that they have proved themselves quite efficient. On the other hand, police reports that were compiled with the cases that involved these devices say that more than 60% have ended contrary to what the attackers have planned.

When it comes to the misconception regarding this device, we are talking about many people thinking that it is quite invasive, which means that could trigger a fatal outcome. While some studies have been made, and which can confirm some of these claims, in practice we cannot see that this is the case. It’s quite the contrary, there are no recorded cases of someone dying when these are used reasonably.


Why Should Women Use Them?

Next, we want to discuss why using these is a good move. The most important thing you should know is that these are quite reliable. The chance of them malfunctioning for some reason is quite low. So, you will see that this is one of the major reasons why many women are advised to use them for their protection. The same can be said about other devices as pepper spray.

The next reason is that they are quite easy to use. Women who want to carry one of these with them will not need to go through some training before they can use them properly. It’s enough to look at the instruction that comes with the device, and you will know just how to use them efficiently. Plus, the chances of harming yourself as a result of using this device are non-existent.


How Much Do These Cost?

Last but not least, we want to address the question of the cost of these devices. Within this question, you will find another major misconception, which talks about Taser guns being quite expensive. But when you take a look at the costs, you will see that they are quite reasonable. Of course, many products are of certain costs, and you can choose the right one for your budget by going through them.

In Conclusion

Misconceptions regarding the Taser guns and women’s self-defense. Here, you can take a look at the commonest ones. We’ve provided you with information that can help you with overcoming these misconceptions and understand the core.