6 Benefits of Water Shoes for Hiking Along Streams or Wet Trails

Hiking is definitely one of the most exciting activities you can do. It is amazing what people experience on their short and long journeys. This is not just an opportunity to stay in nature in the fresh air. In this way, you explore your own limits, get to know the essence of your being and unlock many doors of your mind. Since hiking involves different levels, you can opt for simple or demanding trails.

Whatever your interests, you cannot start an activity without adequate equipment. The most important piece of clothing is shoes. They are subject to the greatest pressure and the most challenging situations because the trails are very different. This means that you need a quality pair of shoes that can withstand all weather conditions and longer walks. Find out all the benefits of water shoes for hiking.

1. Light sole

Although hiking can be a very demanding physical activity, the fact that it usually involves well-known routes through nature and paths that someone has already walked and marked. The physical effort is really great when it comes to some routes. Going hiking for a few days where in wild conditions that are not easily predictable you can expect everything, you have to anticipate all these things and provide yourself with additional equipment and tools that could be useful.

Especially since you will sleep in nature. That is why it is important to choose the right boots. Fortunately, water shoes have all the necessary features. Their main function is to protect you from moisture and inconvenient roads, but they also support the ankles. Thanks to the perfect design, you can walk as much as you want without pain in your legs. You will not feel that you are wearing them, and they will protect you from all external influences. It will also prevent bites and scratches.

2. Comfortable

They are made of very durable material, they are very easy to carry. The reason is not only the extremely light sole but also the excellent interior lining. That is why they are very comfortable, but also because of the possibility of tying shoelaces. This way, you will be able to adjust the shoes to your needs at any time. For example, you went hiking and wore only one sock, but in the meantime, you wore another layer. You don’t have to worry that your shoes will be tight if you have specially designed water shoes.

Thanks to the binding possibilities, you can easily release the shoelaces to the thickness of your feet. These shoes are especially recommended for everyone who has a problem with swollen feet. Don’t forget that you are prone to ankle injuries during several hours of walking. In that case, it is important to fix the foot by tightening the shoelaces firmly enough to prevent injury. The sole is made of special quality rubber that enables a stable and safe position of the feet while walking on uneven terrain.

3. Waterproof

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This is the most obvious advantage, but also the most important. Since the weather conditions are extremely unpredictable, you must be ready at all times. For example, in the heights, the air is often humid, the terrain is full of dew, and there is often a lot of mud.

This means that even in summer you can get stuck in such conditions, and you will have a very bad experience if you are not adequately prepared. We must note that these shoes are carefully designed so as not to leak a drop of moisture. The shoes underwent rigid tests before being released.

As you can see at https://nortiv8shoes.com/collections/water-shoes such shoes also have drainage holes if you step into water deeper than your ankles. These holes will help your feet dry fast.

4. Temperature control

When it comes to preparing for hiking, all experts recommend the same thing – a combination of quality socks and water shoes. For example, if you choose poor quality socks, your foot will not be able to breathe and you will quickly feel uncomfortable. Regardless of the climatic conditions, you need a gentle material that goes with your foot, and another pair of socks should make good insulation. Only after that follows the selection of boots to which you must pay equal attention.

So, if you make a bad choice with this purchase, you will not be protected enough. All the heat will come out of the boots, and it is very likely that it will be very wet and cold inside. That is why you need water shoes. They are perfect heat regulators. Your feet will be completely protected from extremely low or high temperatures.

5. Water shoes suit every type of terrain

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It is known that not all shoes are suitable for the specific conditions of different types of terrain. While some trails are more challenging, others are moderately difficult or fairly easy to hike. So before you go hiking, you have to consider the planned route. It is also important to consider the activities you plan to do in hiking. For example, opt for low or high shoes, deep or shallow, etc.

Fortunately, water shoes meet all conditions. Men’s and women’s water shoes are available in a variety of models, tailored to everyone’s taste. Whether you are an amateur or a professional mountaineer, you will be more than satisfied.

6. Durable material

It is a durable material that can withstand even the most demanding conditions and thus ensure the longevity of footwear that is constantly exposed to the effects of unsuitable terrain. To find the best models, read the declarations carefully and inquire about the manufacturers before you buy the product.

The outer part of the footwear is important, but you must not neglect the characteristics of the inner part. Check what they are exposed to or how they are placed. The degree of comfort, as well as the level of heat will depend on that.


If you are planning on hiking soon, don’t forget about other necessary equipment besides water shoes. These are water reserves, a hiking stick, a compass just in case as well as a daypack and sunscreen and insect spray, sleep pad. Of course, you also need basic medicines and first aid.