An acclaimed ecologist and author, Sandra Steingraber explores the links between human rights and the environment, with a focus on chemical contamination. She takes a personal and scientific look at these issues and offers insights into how we can protect our environment and ourselves. Steingraber brings a clear, lyrical voice to the complex evidence of biology.


Letter to Governor Cuomo about fracking

The letter points out serious flaws in the draft environmental impact statement that green-lights fracking in NY State and reviews the evidence for the various ways by which fracking may contribute to human cancer risk here.  Read the full letter.

New Book

Our children face an environment more threatening to their health than any generation in history.  Sandra Steingraber confronts this crisis with precise science and a lyrical, witty, moving memoir.  Each lively chapter of this unique book focuses on one of the universals of childhood – milk, laundry, pizza, homework, the “Big Talk” – and explores the hidden, social political, and historical forces behind it.  Throughout, Steingraber demonstrates how closely the intimate world of parenting connects to the public world of policy-making and how the ongoing environmental crisis is, fundamentally, a crisis of family life.

“Think silent playgrounds”

Ms. Magazine review

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Living Downstream

A trailblazing and inspiring scientific exposé, brought fully up-to-date

The first edition of Living Downstream—an exquisite blend of precise science and engaging narrative—set a new standard for scientific writing. Poet, biologist, and cancer survivor, Steingraber uses all three kinds of experience to investigate the links between cancer and environmental toxins.

The updated science in this exciting new edition strengthens the case for banning poisons now pervasive in our air, our food, and our bodies. Because synthetic chemicals linked to cancer come mostly from petroleum and coal, Steingraber shows that investing in green energy also helps prevent cancer. Saving the planet becomes a matter of saving ourselves and an issue of human rights. A documentary film based on the book coincides with publication. read more

“Steingraber’s ability to meld literary prose with complex scientific information has made her a best-selling author. Like her hero Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring led to the ban on the pesticide DDT and kick-started the grass-roots environmental movement, Steingraber somehow finds language beautiful and compelling enough to seduce readers to sit through a science lesson.”

The Sun, January 2010

Huffington Post Blog

It's Time to Set the Record Straight on Fracking (November 19, 2013)While fracking's impacts are increasingly clear, what is unclear is why the Obama administration continues to cheerlead for big oil and gas interests, ignoring the science — even when the data come from its own agencies.

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In the Media

06/04/11Binghamton Big Splash

This day-long conference featured panel discussions on a range of topics such as the health effects from exposure to drilling chemicals and leasing issues. Key Note Address at 1:00 PM Sandra Steingraber, Author and Ecologist Steingraber’s latest work, Raising Elijah, was recently released.  Watch the keynote address on YouTube

06/01/11Review: Library Journal by Julianne J. Smith

VERDICT Steingraber combines the best of humorous science writers like Mary Roach with the soaring beauty of writers like Terry Tempest Williams. Fans of Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation and Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed should flock to Elijah.

05/30/11Cancer Crusader by Allison VuchnichIn “Cancer Crusader,” 16:9 correspondent Allison Vuchnich introduces you to a woman who’s been called a poet with a knife. She’s a scientist on a mission to stop cancer where it starts – and to make you listen and wake-up to the facts.  Watch the show

05/27/11Democracy Now: The Health Crisis Surrounding Natural Gas Extraction by Amy Goodman

Yesterday, New York state lawmakers held a hearing on the health impacts of fracking, an issue that until now has received little media attention. Democracy Now! interviews Sandra Steingraber, a biologist who testified at the hearing. Watch the YouTube video     Watch or read the interview or get the podcast

04/21/11An Earth Day Gift for Parents and Grandparents by Nancy Myers

You may also exit Raising Elijah laughing. This is a very funny book on hair-raisingly serious topics. You will get a flavor in the interview below as Sandra talks about the book. Read the full article

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