How Do You Make Jewelry Environmentally Friendly?

When you will study deeply about the dazzle and sparkle jewelry industry, you will come across various harsh realities like human right abuses, ecological destruction, etc. Large areas of vegetation are cleared out to dig the earth and extract the precious metals like gold. It is also said that gold mining is a very destructive … Read more

How Do You Stop Beads From Falling Off Earrings?

Generally, earrings are ornaments that both men and women prefer to use. Women use both earrings, while men prefer to stud themselves in a single ear for styling purposes. Earnings are made of various materials, and some are made with plastic or beads, so there are possibilities for slipping. Bead earrings might look pretty, but … Read more

Can Succulents Stay in Small Pots Forever – a 2022 Guide

Over the last couple of years, succulents have become increasingly popular, not only because they’re incredibly cute, but because it’s quite easy to care for them and they’re also versatile, meaning that you could opt for growing different species. If you’re planning on making a fairy garden or if you want to make a few … Read more