Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Dr. Sandra Steingraber is an American activist, biologist, author, senior scientist, and cancer survivor. She was born in 1959 in Tazewell Country, Illinois, United States. Steingraber nowadays spends time writing and lecturing about environmental factors contributing to reproductive health problems and the ways cancer is linked with the air, water, and food we get in contact with...
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10 Best Security Light With Motion Sensor UK 2022 – Ultimate Guide for Your Outdoor Illumination

best outdoor security lights

Security lights with motion sensors are growing in popularity lately. It is an excellent solution for illuminating household areas such as the driveway, patio, or swimming pool. These lights can also be very useful for extra safety and security and alert you of unwanted visitors’ presence. Given that these lights turn on when a sensor … Read more

8 Best Monocular UK 2022 – For Enjoyable Outdoor Adventures

Monocular is an excellent alternative for binocular if you want to view something up close and in great detail. Binocular is bulky and often inconvenient to carry around, unlike monocular that is lightweight and can easily fit inside your pocket. Monocular finds a wide range of use; whether it is hunting, hiking, kayaking, or any … Read more

10 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food UK 2022 – For Your Sensitive Four-Legged Friends

In the market nowadays, there are numerous brands of dog food that contain different formulas and supplements. Therefore, finding the best hypoallergenic dog food can prove to be quite a challenge. Same as humans, dogs can experience allergic reactions when eating food that triggers them. These reactions often include itchy skin, sneezing, and stomach ache. … Read more

10 Best Multivitamin for Men UK 2022 – Best Nutritive Supplements

Multivitamin is an excellent choice to satisfy any leftover nutritional necessities, especially for men. Although it is possible to get all the essential nutrients you require daily from meals, not everyone has a balanced diet that provides the necessary sustenance. When this is the case, the need for a multivitamin is an excellent choice that … Read more