Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Dr. Sandra Steingraber is an American activist, biologist, author, senior scientist, and cancer survivor. She was born in 1959 in Tazewell Country, Illinois, United States. Steingraber nowadays spends time writing and lecturing about environmental factors contributing to reproductive health problems and the ways cancer is linked with the air, water, and food we get in contact with...
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4 Ways Taking CBD Oil Can Help You To Sleep Better

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the amazing discoveries that gives so many health benefits to consumers and has worked magically for them in several ways. Recently CBD is getting highly popular for rendering amazing effects and providing satisfactory results. Some studies show that its medicinal properties have worked wonderfully in vanishing muscular … Read more

10 Best Inflatable Kayak UK 2022 – Alternative for Easy Storage

Inflatable kayaks are an excellent substitute for the rotomolded ones. They are marking increasing growth in popularity since they are easier to store and can be easily packed inside the vehicle for road trips. The best inflatable kayaks offer you the same adventure experience but are much more convenient and portable. Once deflated, they can … Read more

10 Best Dog Collar UK 2022 – Fashionable Accessories For Your Four Legged Friend

When choosing the appropriate dog collar, a lot of factors come into consideration, not just the color and cost-efficiency. You should contemplate size, or if it comes with a leash, can you track your four-legged friend with GPS and many more interesting and useful features. Being a dog-lover, you always want the best for your … Read more

10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers UK 2022 – For Quality Sleep

sleeping couple

Numerous experts claim that side sleeping is the healthiest and most beneficial way to do it. Side sleepers rarely suffer from backaches, breathe easier, and have better digestion. However, if you do not use an adequate mattress for side sleeping, it can result in shoulder and lower back pain. A quality mattress for side sleeping … Read more