Just after you walked toward the stage to find your family on Sunday, the Chair of the Board of Trustees came up to me and announced that your Commencement address was “the very best he had ever heard at Lycoming College.”  I have heard a number of similar sentiments expressed today by a number of faculty and staff members, and from a number of students as well…. So cheers and salutations to you for a job very well done!

Thomas A. Griffiths
Provost and Dean of the College
Lycoming College

Thank you very much for visiting Dartmouth and enriching our community in so many ways.  Feedback has been streaming in from students and faculty……Your visit was very special to so many different groups of people and that is the sign of a truly excellent choice for our annual Link Lecture.

Andrew J. Friedland
Richard and Jane Pearl Professor in Environmental Studies
Chair, Environmental Studies Program
Environmental Studies Program
Dartmouth College

I want to express to you how much I appreciate your ability to be absolutely present for every individual that came through your book signing line.  I have worked with a number of keynoters over the years and have seen the rippling effect a positive and present keynoter has on the conference. … I was personally moved by witnessing the connection you share with other cancer survivors.  Thank you for holding that space.

Heather House
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

We very much appreciated every aspect of your visit here.  In each setting, you were most generous with your time and in your willingness to interact on a personal level with the people who came to meet you.

Roger Thomas
Franklin & Marshall College

Sandra Steingraber not only does great science, she also has a marvelous ability with words, communicating information in a warm and understandable way.  Her time with us, in the large public lecture as well as in a classroom and a variety of small group discussions with our students and faculty, has energized many conversations here around some important environmental issues.  We are indeed grateful for that.

Kerry Raadt
Carleton College

I learned new things through your presentation as I have every time I’ve heard you speak. I am always impressed with your use of metaphors and images to make complex processes easily understandable. I enjoy your humor and the candid way in which you relate your personal story to the universal. Thank you for sharing your story, talents and research with us!

Myriam Beaulne
Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment