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Sandra Steingraber at The State of the State

February 11th, 2019

by Steve Pierce

“Climate change waits for no one, and we have no time to waste. [WOOC] Correspondent Dave Publow interviewed biologist Sandra Steingraber outside Governor Cuomo’s 2019 State of the State address in January.” Listen here

QCAN to Cosponsor Documentary Film on Anti-Fracking Activism

December 31st, 2018

“Steingraber reflects: ‘We’ve been living so long under the tyranny of the fossil fuel industry that it’s come to seem normal, so when a Texas-based gas company buys our lakeshore in order to store vast quantities of explosive hydrocarbon gas in old salt mines underneath, imperiling drinking water, the climate, and everything in between, we don’t know what to do. We can’t find the path to victory; we have to create it.'” Quincy Climate Action Network writes about Steingraber and upcoming screenings of Unfractured. Read the article

Could New York Go Carbon Free by 2050?

December 12th, 2018

by Susan Arbetter

“One of the speakers that night, Sandra Steingraber, a biologist and distinguished scholar in residence at Ithaca College, urged legislators to read the recently issued report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ‘What it tells us is that methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than previously appreciated and that natural gas infrastructure, including power plants, leak a lot more than previously known,’ she said.” Quotes from Steingraber frame this piece in City & State New York. Read the article

Sandra Steingraber on Fracked Gas Plant Opposition Update

December 3rd, 2018

by Tim Williams

“What united everyone … was a sense that this is the moment now to not let the fossil fuel party continue by allowing this old Eisenhower-era coal burning power plant to make a lateral move to burned fracked gas hauled in from Pennsylvania…” Steingraber appeared on WCNY’s the Capitol Pressroom discussing the Tompkins County New York Legislature’s resolution opposing the conversion of the Cayuga Power Plant. Listen here

Screening, Lecture for New Documentary ‘Unfractured’

October 24th, 2018

by Jennifer Eck

“As we’ve traveled across the length and breadth of this state, we’ve had so many enthusiastic audiences… people are really interested in taking a hard look at what it means to blow up the bedrock of Pennsylvania to extract fossil fuels.” Steingraber appears with filmmaker Chanda Chevannes on ABC 27 News’ Good Day PA during their speaking and film screening tour of Pennsylvania. Watch the clip

Proposition 112: Dissecting the Science Behind the Oil and Gas Setbacks Initiative

October 16th, 2018

by John Aguilar

“‘The science of public health errs on the side of protecting people,’ Steingraber said. ‘It comes down to how you want to look at uncertainty and the burden of proof.'” Dr. Steingraber is quoted in this Denver Post piece on Colorado’s upcoming vote on Proposition 112, an oil and gas setbacks measure. Read the article


Oil and Gas Health Risks Well-Documented

October 11th, 2018

by Bob Hopper

“In the words of Dr. Sandra Steingraber, ‘the closer you live to a well, the more dangerous it is.’ Steingraber is a biologist who has co-authored a compendium of evidence describing fracking’s harms and risks.” A Letter to the Editor in Boulder, Colorado’s Daily Camera refers to Steingraber’s recent lecture in the area. Read the letter

Ahead of Midterm Elections, Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Make their Voting Power Heard

October 6th, 2018

by Kelly Kimball

“Steingraber felt compelled to be present for the protests in the wake of midterm elections not only because she is a sexual assault survivor, but because she felt strongly that Kavanaugh ‘is a dishonest Justice who will bring illegitimacy to the court, which we in the environmental community rely on greatly.'” Dr. Steingraber’s recent protest in Washington, DC is described in an article on Medium. Read the article

Deregulation Brings Concern

September 19th, 2018

by Elizabeth Bierly

“Sandra Steingraber, an environmental activist and distinguished scholar in residence at Ithaca College, fought against underground drilling in Tompkins County and sparked one of the largest grassroots movements in New York State, which eventually led to a 2014 statewide ban of fracking.” Writing in Ithaca College’s student newspaper, the Ithacan, the author makes an urgent call for continued action inspired by local history. Read the article

Cayuga Power Plant Opponents Hold Rally

September 9th, 2018

“Here in the Finger Lakes, rising for climate means opposing a last-ditch plan to resuscitate the half-dead, coal-burning Cayuga Power Plant with fracked gas hauled in from Pennsylvania by convoys of trucks. Joining with people all around the planet, we’re here today to say, loudly, that it’s time to pull the plug on climate-wrecking fracked gas infrastructure projects, including this one.” Steingraber is quoted in No Fracked Gas Cayuga’s press release on the Rise for Climate event in her region. Read the article