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Campaigners Including Jane Fonda and Mark Ruffalo Urge Ireland to Call for Global Ban on Fracking at UN

July 15th, 2021

by Allison Bray and Sarah Collins

“Negative health effects from fracking – complications of pregnancy and poor birth outcomes, damage to the heart and lungs, mental health impacts, cancer – will all be reduced as a result of a global fracking ban.” Dr. Steingraber is quoted in Ireland’s Independent, on the call for Ireland to introduce a resolution to the UN General Assembly to ban fracking around the world. Read the article

Fighting Silent Killers: A Q&A with Dr. Sandra Steingraber

May 10th, 2021

By Star-Ledger Editorial Board

“The author of four books and the subject of two documentaries, Steingraber is best known for leading the grassroots fight to end fracking in New York State. That made her our first choice to solicit another lesson in methane — the main component of natural gas — which was back in the news when the US Senate restored stronger limits to its emissions last week.” Read the interview

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: Methanol Facility a Bad Idea for Valley

May 8th, 2021

by Eric Engle

“One of the authors of the Compendium, Dr. Sandra Steingraber, spoke with Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action on Zoom in February. It was an extremely informative meeting co-hosted by West Virginia Citizen Action Group, FACT Ohio, and the West Virginia Rivers Coalition. We learned so much from Dr. Steingraber, in conjunction with reviewing the Compendium, and we at Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action want to convey the severity of continuing the incredibly harmful practice of fracking.” Read the full piece

More Than Half a Million People Exposed to Flaring, Increased Health Risks, Says UCLA Study

March 11th, 2021

by Nick Cunningham

“‘We are shocked to learn from these new findings just how many people are placed in harm’s way by the oil and gas industry’s apparent freedom to use the atmosphere as an ashtray,’ biologist Sandra Steingraber, co-founder Concerned Health Professionals of New York, told DeSmog.” Dr. Steingraber’s comments are featured in this overview of a new study reporting the numbers of U.S. residents living in proximity to oil and gas flaring events. Read the article

Fractured: Readers Respond on Fracking Reporting

March 10th, 2021

by ENH staff

“This investigation … fills in an important data gap and strongly suggests that the toxic emissions from fracking operations are entering the bodies of nearby residents at levels known to cause harm.” Dr. Steingraber’s press release on the fracking chemical body burden study by Environmental Health News is featured in their collection of responses. Read the article

Pennsylvania Families Exposed to Unusually High Levels of Oil and Gas Industry Chemicals, Report Finds

March 3rd, 2021

by Sharon Kelly

“This investigation represents the first comprehensive body burden analysis of residents living in areas targeted by fracking… As such, it fills an important data gap and strongly suggests that the toxic emissions from fracking operations are entering the bodies of nearby residents at levels known to cause harm.” Dr. Steingraber commented on the Environmental Health News body burden study, in DeSmog. Read the article

Investigation Into Chemical Exposure From Fracking in Pennsylvania Provokes Call for Rapid Phaseout

March 1st, 2021

by Jessica Corbett

“Sandra Steingraber of Concerned Health Professionals of New York, a group that has long sounded the alarm about the impact of fracking—which largely affects poor and rural households—responded by calling for an end to the process.” Dr. Steingraber is quoted extensively in a CommonDreams article addressing a newly-released investigation on chemical exposures in heavy fracking regions of southwestern Pennsylvania. Read the article

Dr. Sandra Steingraber

February 22nd, 2021


Dr. Steingraber was interviewed by veteran journalist Lorene Mills on her show, “Report from Santa Fe,” produced by New Mexico PBS and KENW. Watch here

Fracking Pause Bill Advances, ETA Amendments Bill Fails

February 14th, 2021

by Kendra Chamberlain

“‘Smog and toxic air pollution follows fracking wherever it goes and there again is no real good way to mitigate this, because the air pollution begins as soon as the drill bit goes into the ground,’ Steingraber said.” NM Political Report covers Dr. Steingraber’s expert witness testimony in front of the state’s Senate Conservation Committee. Read the article

Dr. Sandra Steingraber – Expert Witness @ Hearing for SB 149, to Pause Issuing Fracking Permits

February 12th, 2021

by Richard Eeds

Dr. Steingraber spoke with radio host Richard Eeds prior to her testimony before the New Mexico Conservation Committee. Listen here