Statement in Response to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Regulations on Fracking Released Today

August 29th, 2014


In response to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulations on fracking released today, science advisor to Americans Against Fracking, Sandra Steingraber, issued the following statement:

“The revised fracking rules released by IDNR are little more than an attempt to put filters on cigarettes.  These regulations cannot fix the chronic problems from well casing failures, to which the industry itself admits, or solve the problem of toxic air pollution or the high fatality rates for workers. They betray their mandate to protect the health and environment of Illinois residents. Over 30,000 Illinoisans submitted comments condemning the abysmally weak fracking rules released by IDNR last winter. Today’s revisions fly in the face of the more than 100 scientific studies that have been published in the last two years and that point to the intractable problems of fracking. Governor Quinn should fulfill his commitment to protect Illinoisans, approve no fracking permits, and work with communities across the state to keep fracking out of Illinois for the protection of the state’s water, air, public health, and future generations.”
The Illinois revised fracking rules are here.