What she’s brilliant at — almost in a league of her own — is mixing personal passionate stories with totally comprehensive and accurate science. It’s not easy to make complex scientific issues interesting, but no one does it better than Sandra Steingraber.

–Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media, Ithaca College

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

UNFRACTURED: Opening Night Screening and Gala

Oct 19, 2017(Toronto, Canada)

NY Climate Solutions Summit

Oct 28, 2017(Rochester, NY)

UNFRACTURED: International Premiere at DOC NYC

Nov 11, 2017(New York, NY)

Humanities without Boundaries Lecture

Apr 09, 2018(Madison, WI)

Recent Speaking Engagements

Petrochemical America: From Cancer Alley to Toxic Valley

10/16/17(Beaver, PA)

MC²: Michigan & The Climate Crisis

10/02/17 - 10/03/17(Ann Arbor, MI)

Sandra Steingraber: OFF Fossil Fuels

09/19/17(New York, NY)

Design as Resistance: Landscape Architecture in an Age of Environmental Emergency

09/16/17(Ithaca, NY)

Toxic’s Still Not Tasty: Oil Wastewater and Your Food

08/24/17(San Francisco (Online/webinar))

Oil Money Out March and Rally

05/20/17(Sacramento, CA)

Oil Out, People In: The Science Behind the Movement in CA

05/17/17(Oakland, CA)

Earth Days Keynote: Toward an Unfractured Future

04/25/17(University of South Dakota)

Climate Change at the Crossroads: Environmental Justice in the Age of Trump

04/18/17(Ithaca, NY)

The Hudson: A River at Risk/Conversation with Sandra Steingraber

04/17/17(Ithaca, NY)

Where Science Meets Human Rights: Behind the Fight to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground

04/05/17(Davidson, NC)

Creative Resistance: Fighting Toxins / Fossil Fuels

04/04/17(Chapel Hill, NC )

The Environment and Cancer Topic: Political Engagement by Academic Scientists

03/22/17(Ithaca, NY)

NYU Climate Action Conference

03/10/17(New York, NY)

Convocation: Sandra Steingraber

03/01/17(Richmond, Indiana)