What she’s brilliant at — almost in a league of her own — is mixing personal passionate stories with totally comprehensive and accurate science. It’s not easy to make complex scientific issues interesting, but no one does it better than Sandra Steingraber.

–Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media, Ithaca College

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Recent Speaking Engagements

God's Own Junkyard: Environmental Stewardship in New York State 2019

03/17/19(Rochester, New York)

Medical Symposium on Potential Health Impacts of Oil & Gas Production in Colorado

02/01/19(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Screening of Unfractured & Potluck

12/12/18(Elmira, New York)

"Unfractured" Film and Talk with Sandra Steingraber

12/11/18(West Chester, Pennsylvania)

Sustainability Summit

12/08/18(Springfield, Massachusetts)

Science, Women, Civil Disobedience, and Filmmaking in a Time of Climate Emergency

11/02/18(Ithaca, New York)

Unfractured Screening

10/26/18(Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Contaminated Without Consent: Lecture with Unfractured Screening

10/25/18(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Contaminated Without Consent: Lecture with Unfractured Screening

10/24/18(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

Unfractured Screening

10/23/18(Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

Unfractured Screening

10/22/18(Philadephia, Pennsylvania)

Unfractured Screening

10/21/18(Kutztown, Pennsylvania)

Dr. Sandra Steingraber: Expert on Environmental and Health Impacts of Fracking

10/04/18(Denver, CO)

How Oil and Gas Affects Public Health/NEPA Workshop

08/07/18(Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, New Town, ND)

Unfractured at Peekskill Film Festival

07/29/18(Peekskill, New York)