Carl Hancock Rux presented Steingraber’s poem at the May 15, 2012, New Yorkers Against Fracking Rally and Concert

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A Poem for the Marcellus


Cryptogenic, Ischemic Stroke—a Love Story (in fragments)


In Response to a Promotional Ad Claiming That the Number of People Who Have Survived Cancer Could Now Fill the City of Los Angeles


Post-Op, January Ice Storm


Dominion of Geese

Book of Poems

Steingraber, Sandra.
Ithaca, NY: Firebrand Books, 1995.
ISBN: 1-56341-057-5 (paperback)
ISBN: 1-56341-058-3 (cloth)
Copyright © 1995
by Sandra Steingraber


Moving from the intimate space of a cancer patient’s hospital bed to the national sacrifice zones of atomic bomb test sites, Sandra Steingraber’s Post-Diagnosis sets out to find Ground Zero in order to tell “the whole story of what happened.”


The author—a gifted young poet, a survivor of cancer in her twenties, a biologist with an environmental bent committed to cancer activism—writes about hope and renunciation, desire and determination.




Sandra has had a long-time collaboration with Boston-based composer John McDonald. Here are some of the results of that collaboration.

From the Fall of a Sparrow (score)

Just The Uselessness (score)

Three Crueler Tangos (poem)

First audio sample


Second audio sample