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The People vs. Exxon: As Fossil Fuel Cover-Up Exposed, Activists Try Oil Giant for “Climate Crimes”

December 31st, 2015

“[I]n addition to the deceptions that ExxonMobil has precipitated regarding the actual existence of climate change and the role of fossil fuels, Exxon is also implicit in promulgating the idea that somehow natural gas is a more friendly fossil fuel than the other two members of the unholy trinity—oil, gas and coal.” Democracy Now! reviews the “mock trial” held during the UN climate summit in Paris, in which Steingraber testified as a witness, in its last broadcast of the year. Watch the video/read the transcript

COP21: Fracking Under Scrutiny

December 11th, 2015

by Fermín Koop

“There are more than 500 studies that show fracking leads to serious environmental risks, Sandra Steingraber, acclaimed ecologist and author, said at a side-event at the climate change summit, claiming shale gas creates a greenhouse carbon footprint 1.8 times larger than coal, one of the most polluting fossil fuels in the world.” covers the COP21 summit’s side events. Read the article

ExxonMobil Put on Mock Trial for ‘Climate Crimes’ by Bill McKibben

December 6th, 2015

“One of the last witnesses was Dr. Steingraber —an eminent U.S. biologist and a distinguished scholar at Ithaca College in New York. She’s considered one of America’s leading leading anti-fracking voices. ‘[W]ith climate change, the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s everybody —the whole planet and all the other species too.’” Steingraber’s role as witness for the prosecution at a “trial” of Exxon along the 2015 UN climate talks in Paris is covered in Canada’s National Observer. read the article


The Promise of Fracking: Impact on New York

November 25th, 2015

by Tom Wilber

“Sandra Steingraber, an Ithaca College scholar and a high-profile activist and organizer in the Finger Lakes region, noted that one gas project feeds another: ‘Seneca Lake is located upstream from natural gas infrastructure projects throughout New York state, all of which threaten to keep us tied to a ruinous, fossil fuel-dependent past.’” From part 3 of a 3-part Gannett series on fracking. Read the article

“We’re Just Regular People”: Against All Odds, New Yorkers Claim 3 — Well, 2.5 — Big Political Victories

November 10th, 2015

by David Morris

“Sandra Steingraber, a biologist at Ithaca College described the movement as ‘the biggest since abolition and women’s rights in New York.’” Steingraber is quoted in this piece overviewing New York’s recent grassroots victories, including fracking, which was run in several places including here on Salon. Read the article

Women with Facts Fight Back Against Fracking… and Sexism

October 23rd, 2015
by Sarah Lazare
“Prominent biologist, author, and fracking opponent Sandra Steingraber fired back on social media Friday by creating a hashtag #FrackingGirlFacts to counter Macdonald’s claims.” covers Steingraber’s response to sexist comments made by the newly-appointed chair of UK Onshore Oil and Gas. Read the article

Dr. Sandra Steingraber – Fighting the Cause of Cancer

October 22nd, 2015

by Lauren Schiller

“Is our energy infrastructure causing cancer? Our guest Dr. Sandra Steingraber says ‘the regulatory system is deaf to the voice that the data has and the message it’s trying to give.'” Steingraber speaks on Inflection Point Radio, KALW, San Francisco. Listen to the interview

Fracking Health Risks For Mothers, Babies: Premature Births, At-Risk Pregnancies Linked To Fracking, Data Review Finds

October 9th, 2015

by Elizabeth Whitman

“‘Any form of energy extraction that harms the well-being of infants and pregnant women has no place in society,’ Sandra Steingraber, a biologist with the organization Americans Against Fracking, who was not involved in the study, said in response to the new findings. ‘These data show that a ban on fracking is good prenatal care.'” Read the article

Science for the People

September 25th, 2015

by Elizabeth Miller

“Biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber brings lessons of New York’s fracking ban to the West.” Steingraber’s work is profiled in the Santa Fe Reporter before her presentation at WildEarth Guardians’ annual gala. Read the article

One of the Brothers in the Hit Documentary “The Wolfpack” Gives a Damn about the Environment

August 1st, 2015

by Suzanne Jacobs

“The stories of Lois Gibbs and Rachel Carson and Sandra Steingraber are just amazing; they’re just mindblowing. Those are the kinds of stories that I grew up wanting to see on-screen.” In an interview with, Narayana Angulo mentions Steingraber’s influence. Read the interview