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My Valley: Save Porter Ranch has New York Support

January 24th, 2016

by Gregory J. Wilcox

“Group spokeswoman Sandra Steingraber, a Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Environmental Studies and Science at Ithaca College, said that the plan proposed by Crestwood Midstream is similar in some respects to Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in the Santa Susana Mountains above Porter Ranch.” Los Angeles Daily News covers the expression of solidarity between upstate New Yorkers protesting gas storage, and those suffering in the immediate vicinity of the Porter Ranch-area 2015-2016 methane leak. Read the article

LPG Protesters Get Dismissals

November 20th, 2015

by Josh Brokaw

“We chose the name ‘We are Seneca Lake’ because there are 100,000 people who live in the Seneca Lake watershed,” Steingraber said. “65 percent of all of us is water from Seneca Lake. Our blood plasma, our cerebral spinal fluid, an exhaled breath on a cold day is all the lake.”  Steingraber is quoted in this update article about the We Are Seneca Lake movement, on Read the article

Protesters at New York Gas Storage Plant Arrested While Reading Encyclical

September 30th, 2015

by Dennis Sadowski

“We feel we’re building a thriving economy in this area built on the principles of sustainability,” [Steingraber told Catholic News Service] “We’re on a ruinous path of a heavy industry that wrecks things and then closes up shop and leaves. Whereas what’s already here is a highly populated area with another vision working for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and safeguarding the natural beauty of this place.” Read the article


Science for the People

September 25th, 2015

by Elizabeth Miller

“Biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber brings lessons of New York’s fracking ban to the West.” Steingraber’s work is profiled in the Santa Fe Reporter before her presentation at WildEarth Guardians’ annual gala. Read the article

Encyclical Unites Religious, Nonreligious Voices on Climate Change

September 15th, 2015

by Dennis Sadowski

“Sandra Steingraber, distinguished scholar in residence in environmental studies and science at Ithaca College in New York and a leader in the group We Are Seneca Lake that opposes the storage scheme, told Catholic News Service the encyclical has spurred more people to risk arrest.

“‘As always, it’s very moving because suddenly people’s words and their actions are all one and the same. You’re speaking about the need to defend creation and doing it,’ Steingraber said.” Read the article

National Ethics Honor for Ithaca College Distinguished Scholar in Residence

July 6th, 2015

“I accept this award on behalf of the 279 people who have been arrested since last October defending Seneca Lake against gas storage, which is to say, on behalf of those fighting for community, climate, and water, which is life itself.” — Steingraber, upon receiving the Elliot-Black Award from the American Ethical Union, on June 29, 2015. Read the article

Seneca Lake Protesters Soldier On

July 6th, 2015

by David Chantry

“We have another project going on here, which is decarbonization. We want to be the incubator and laboratory for renewable energy but we can’t open that door until we close this one… We want to birth the future and we want to do it right here in this driveway.” Steingraber quoted in this Innovation Trail audio and article. Read and listen here

Protesters organized, ready for arrest at Seneca Lake

June 26th, 2015

by Tom Wilber

“Steingraber, an ecologist and scholar in residence at Ithaca College, is a prominent figure in the movement against fracking in New York. After her own arrest for blockading the Crestwood LPG site last fall, she elected to serve a 15-day jail sentence rather than pay a fine.” Coverage of We Are Seneca Lake civil disobedience actions is part of a Gannett series on gas storage on Seneca Lake. Read the article

“We Are Seneca Lake”: Josh Fox and Fracking Opponents Fight Natural Gas Storage Site in Upstate New York

May 19th, 2015

“We Are Seneca Lake, in doing these themed blockades, have cut their teeth in the anti-fracking movement and have experienced that victory, so hard-won, only to turn around and see that we’re getting fracked through these infrastructure projects that are being decided in places like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in D.C., and local people have no control over that.” The transcript of the mini-documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox, featuring himself and Steingraber, is provided in this piece on the Truthout website. Read the article

Exclusive: Anti-Fracking Filmmaker Josh Fox Arrested In Finger Lakes Protest

May 13th, 2015

by James Joiner

“Acclaimed author and biologist Sandra Steingraber is one of the driving forces behind the protests, which happen under the collective auspices of a group calling itself We Are Seneca Lake.” The Daily Beast cover filmmaker Josh Fox’s arrest as part of the We Are Seneca Lake movement, and background on the issue. Read the article and see mini-documentary