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Sandra Steingraber, ‘The Harms of Fracking’ Update

December 28th, 2020

by Jon Bowermaster

Kingston Radio‘s Green Radio Hour in conversation with Dr. Steingraber, “on the eve of the release of the 7th annual compendium on the continued physical harms of fracking.” Listen to the program

Ithaca Community has Mixed Reactions to Biden’s Projected Win

November 10th, 2020

by Alexis Manore, Ashley Stalnecker, Mikayla Rovenolt

“The people who are hurt first and worst by the climate crisis, who are hurt most by the toxic exposures from oil and gas extraction, are not at the political table… We cannot unfrack our nation without unsuppressing the vote.” Dr. Steingraber is quoted in The Ithacan‘s coverage of the city’s Every Vote Counts rally. Read the article

In Ithaca, A Call To Action By Biden Supporters

November 8th, 2020

by Celia Clark

“The people who are hurt first and worst by the climate crisis, who are hurt most by toxic exposures to oil and gas extraction are not at the political table. Turning over that table is the work of climate justice.” Dr. Steingraber was quoted in WSKG coverage of the Ithaca, New York rally in support of a complete vote count and peaceful transition. Read the article

Hundreds of People Meet In Ithaca, Celebrating Democracy At Work

November 7th, 2020

by Lexie Cutmore

“‘Our ability to maintain the literal geological bedrock of our nation and our ability to stop blowing it up to extract oil and gas is intimately related to our ability to maintain the democratic bedrock of our politics,’ said Sandra Steingraber, speaker and a Biology Professor at Ithaca College.'” WENY News covered Ithaca, New York’s rally to protect democracy and the vote count. Read the article

Inside Jane Fonda’s First Fire Drill Fridays Arrest

September 8th, 2020

by Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda recalls her protest, arrest, and time in a Washington, DC jail cell with Dr. Steingraber, “the poetic biologist,” in a Marie Claire excerpt from her new book, “What Can I Do?: My Path from Climate Despair to Action,” published today. Read the article

Plague Inventory

April 15th, 2020

“My neighbors could kill me.

“And I could kill them. We are each other’s potential assassins.

“Therefore, we hail each other from our respective property lines and from our porches when we take turns walking by in single file, getting some sunlight, our daily quota of steps.”

Read Dr. Steingraber’s Letter to America in full, and listen to her reading of the piece, as published on here.

Coalition Urges Everyone to Join Movement Supporting Sanders to Secure a ‘Feminist Future’

March 8th, 2020

by Jessica Corbett

“Some vocal backers of Sanders are among the statement’s signatories, such as author and activist Naomi Klein, Sunrise Movement executive director Varshini Prakash, Missouri congressional candidate Cori Bush, and feminist icon Eve Ensler. Other signatories include Princeton University professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, author and activist Barbara Ehrenreich, May Boeve of, environmentalist Winona LaDuke, and biologist Sandra Steingraber.” Dr. Steingraber was among the original signers of a collective feminist statement in support of Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential candidacy. Read the article

Support for Worldwide Fracking Ban

March 5th, 2020

by Marianne Brooker

“Dr. Sandra Steingraber, from Concerned Health Professionals of New York, together with Dr. Ned Ketyer, from Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania, said… “The scientific evidence shows that women, industry workers, communities of color, and the poor are especially vulnerable to environmental injustices and harm to health and safety from fracking.” Steingraber and colleagues met with Satya Tripathi, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Head of New York Office at UN Environment. Read the article

Sandra Steingraber, Elisha Cooper

January 5th, 2020

by Jon Bowermaster

“Checking in with biologist/poet/activist Sandra Steingraber on subjects ranging from the future of fracking to her recent arrests with Jane Fonda…” Radio Kingston interviews Dr. Steingraber. Listen here

Energy & Environment Power 50

December 22nd, 2019

by Alexander C. Kaufman

“An ecologist and researcher, Sandra Steingraber emerged as the intellectual godmother of New York’s anti-fracking movement in the mid-2010s.” Dr. Steingraber is noted in City & State New York as one of “50 key players in shaping New York energy policy.” Read the article